From Ferrero to Gotherro

I got myself a black Acrylic spray paint that can be used indoor. I have a few cans of black spray paint that leaves room unusable for a 12h and I'm not a fan of those. But this thing is a miracle. 
Just look what I did with the empty chocolate box. It took like 30 min. to revamp it :D

I got Ferrero Rocher for my birthday and kept the box. And one day ...

It was transform into one fitting to be used by me :D Have no idea what to keep in it...

It would be a nice gift with or without chocolate ;)


Deer horns

During all this phase I manage to keep my store alive..somehow... There were some late orders thought.. 

But here's something new I made today :)

I don't think I have introduced you to my new guy :) It's a funny story how I got him. I had a blank head for while and a friend ordered theirs with makeup. And guess what. She didn't like the way it turned out, but I just fell in love. So we switched :D So now I have this posh poet character that is all moody and gloomy and dreamy. He doesn't have his own body right now, but I'm almost there...

Oh, and this fella arrived not so long ago.

I'll dedicate next post to him :)


Back to life

Hello my darlings.
I want to thank you all for support you showed. You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to find your comments telling me that it will be ok. I cant' thank you enough, but, THANK YOU!!!
It's one thing to know and to hope that it will be ok. But it's really nice to hear it from some one else... I kept silent about this situation of my and didn't let my family to find it out.  I didn't want to look weak or "not looking realistic at things". But these were time when everything blurred out and there was no good or right... just terrible. I still get "sad"...lets call it "sad"... But it's easier to get back to reality now.
I changed my look...I cut my hair... I got my normal eating habits back... I started interact more... And even started taking zumba fitness classes...
Maybe because it's spring and the nature itself is all magical... maybe because enough time has passed and wounds are starting to heal... I'm just catching up with myself. Meeting old friend helps a lot.

So, I'm kinda back :)


I'm not deleting "Gothically yours"

Hello again. I'm really grateful for all of you being concerned about my emotional state. I'm glad to hear that someone actually likes this blog of mine. I'm trying to build myself a new. Some days are nice, some are terrible and dark. For now I hope I'll come back with more interesting things for you to show. Thanks for being out there.

Kisses and hugs for all of you!!!


Falling apart

Today I wanted to delete this blog. I wanted to delete myself with it because I thought that it's not important anymore. I'm lost. I'm lost more the ever and don't even know who I am or why I am...It's all slipping and I don't really even care.

I feel like fading away and nothing I do helps me. All little things that kept me alive somehow became hollow, non important and meaningless... I feel like in slow motion movie except I'm the only one who is slow.  Oh, It's such a misery! I know what it is. I know how it's called and I'm holding not to fall in completely.

I wanted to delete this blog. But then scrolling through the photos I have uploaded made me see myself alive. It made me remember that I was happy, that I loved what I did. I was alive once and there is hope I'll come back again... I'll leave it here. For myself.


Gifts wrapping

Holidays is here and I got myself a nasty illness that locked me to my bed for a week. Its better now but I'm all dizzy from medicine I had to take. At least I have all presents I wanted to have. I'm always nervous about buying or making presents since I really want a person to be happy with it. So I end up stressed out over it. I wanted to make home made candies at first but since I got sick I couldn't do it. And making it a day before Christmas would would be impossible. There are crowds of people everywhere and it's not enjoyably.

But everything is done now. I even managed to wrap them in a little bit Gothic style. By adding bats :D Take a look :P

I think it's cute and nice. I still remember my grandfathers face when I was celebrating my 30th birthday with family and decided to decorate table with paper bats and spider XD and bloody red napkins :P I will never grow out of it. I become to love it even more. All those cliche things .. I love them too. 
So, take care, I hope you all are ready to enjoy Holidays :)


Just an outfit post :D Apocalyptic ninja witch :)

I'm back as I promised. It' winter already and the autumn was way to short for me. I miss it... and I really do hate snow. Thanks god it's melting already and I hope the cold days will not be back soon. I only enjoy snowy days when I can stay home with big mug of white coffee and anime on my computer...

But here's some looks from the fall season. That I kinda like.

And yes, I'm playing ninja...:)


Nice things come after bad ones

Oh my, another month has passed :D oh, it was whole two???.. Time sure flies fast. All half of year seems like a month to me. Crazy crazy, but beautiful month. With some losses...some finds... and things to think about.

Well, the losses... I'm single again. As much as I want to contemplate on it, I must move on. I loved this human the deepest. But love itself is not always enough. But thanks to this time I learned some things about myself. I still love... I just don't ask anything in return.  And expect nothing. I just sit and watch how it all melts away. It's like a fire that you simply stop kindle one day and just sit and watch how it  goes out little by little depending on how big it was made.

Some finds.... Well there are quite a lot of those. My new room mate, that I really like. Not to interested in my life but understand my obsession with bj dolls, oriental culture and doesn't care for bats on every corner in our flat :D Always up for a good chat or a movie...and some vine :)

Also my new doll. Limited beauty from Soom. Got it this summer, never had a chance to brag :D

Soom Ender Dream Walker

Just look at those nails!!! <3 Must love those :3

As demon lord he demanded blood sacrifice right away...
He still has no face up but I'm going to paint him like my first anime crush Lord Sesshomaru from anime Inu Yasha :P

Another find is my lovely new bag that has everything I wanted in one :D It's perfect in every way :D

Got it from Banned. I love those little skulls on the fabric :D
It has long handle as well so you can wear it as shoulder bag. 

Next is my new favorite artist Chiara Bautista. Check out her Facebook ;) I just love her.  And it had nothing to do with me trying to eat my heart out... Well maybe a little :p

Ok. I think it's enough for this time. I promise to get back by another week. I really do ;)


It's autumn and it's beautiful

Oh, if it would depend on me, I would make so that autumn would last all year long :D I was born in the middle of summer but autumn is my season :) I try to spend much more time in nature, when this season starts since I find it to be the most beautiful during the Fall. I visited my sister this weekend and had a chance to go wonder through a forest that is near her house. I had plans to take photos of my doll but ended up making photos of mushrooms :D

 But I have't forgot my little one too:)


Wool dreads

I'm kinda obsessed with wool dreadlocks since they can change your look really fast, can be installed and removed without much trouble and are cheap and easy to make :)

I was decided to make a bunch for my personal use. I'm quite a crafty person so and I thought I'll have no problem making them. And I was right :) I used this tutorial  h  and it was super easy to make them. Also, they wasn't really hard so I love that too.  How ever... I wasn't completely happy with my color choice. For some strange reason I decided to go with black and pastel wool like lavender, pink and deep pink... But the color didn't suited me. 

After looking through many photos of wool locks I found out that more natural earth colors attracted me the most. And it just happened that a friend of mine had some auburn/orange wool she wasn't using and gave it to me.  And completely accidentally two days ago I made that wool into locks and now have a complete black and auburn dread set that I love :)

These a wool locks ponytails :) Really simple to make with a bunch of double ended wool locks :)
Maybe I'll make a tutorial if I'll kike doing that :P 

and this is my "wool locks bub" :) So, what do you think ??