When your work place can't handle your hair

There is always a way :) Like myself. I have straight black/red hair. I dyed bangs all black and rest of my hair is a mix of black and red. And when I have a need for a more drastic look I just use my dread falls. People always mistaken them for real hair so I guess they must look good :D Any way, here's a few different  looks wearing the same dread falls :)


Oil perfume of Midnight Gypsy Alchemy"

Whats new? I added new items to my "Midnight Gypsy Alchemy" oil perfume collection :)
I started gathering it a year ago and have a little collection by now. And just few days ago I was lucky enough to win a give away of scented candle and some perfume samples from her :) 

My last purchase was solid perfume of "Me Corozan" and Darkness Divine"

These were St. Valentines day special edition and I'm so happy I decided to get them the last minute. Especially "Darkness Divine" since it's the most wonderful scent. It's creamy, sweet, rosy, sour and deep. I will be getting a full bottle next year for sure. For me it's now the most Gothic scent I have and it fits me. Usually sweet scent do not feel right on my skin. They become to heave. But these ones are perfect :)
I have one roll on buttle I don't use and it's "La Mariposa". It's simple to green for me. "A blend of delicate florals, a hint of green grass and sweet nectar. A beautiful blend of blue lotus and vanilla absolute, labdanum resin ,essential oils in basil and grapefruit infused with grapefruit peels, basil leaves, vanilla beans and blue lotus petals."

It's just not for me. Maybe some one wants to trade?;)

I also discovered beetroot, tomato and carrot juice. It has such a lovely red color and very nice thickness. I just can't get enough of this wonderful color. I hope drinking 1l a day will benefit me somehow :D



Moon jewelry

I've been a little bit possessed by moon image lately. Well, I always was. My astrological sign is cancer and cancers have been known for their special relationships with moon.
 I've seen many beautiful jewelry representing it on Etsy such


Simple, elegant and for a good price :)

I like it a lot and it's actually my fav on Etsy.They look so raw and natural. All her jewelry are really pretty and creator has it's own stile. I like the simplicity and the size. These one don't need any other accessories to be accompanied. Just them and some black garment :)

Then there is 

and her "Raven Moon ring" accompanied by other Witchy jewelry in her shop. The price of these jumps up quite a lot, but these are made from sterling silver and have natural stones like moonstone itself :)

And last there is

Hecate's Diadem

I find her style to be a lot like Charlotte. Bones, talons and birds claws. All cast in sterling silver. I found her jewelry at Tumblr first and was very exited. I like that dark style of hers, but after finding Charlotte shop it stopped looking so unique. But I still find these designs to be gorgeous :) Tough the pendant could be a little bit bigger :)

And here is something super simple made by me from polymer clay. I wanted to see if I could replicate moon surface with polymer clay and I thing it looks quite nice. I'll work on this more latter as a little project for myself :)

Thanks for reading ;)


Going purle

My hair finally almost the same length it was before the cut. 

And I started to dye them in purple so I would get an ombre kind of effect while they will grow.

I succeeded once by dying them in red. So I hope to be lucky again but with different combination :)

Here's how the red/black combination looked like.

I wonder how it will work this time :D


Deadly Cherries: Dark Maiden hair band

 Some how a few days ago I managed to sculpt few decent looking skulls from polymer clay. And some new creations followed them since I decided to use them for a hair band.

 So here's my newest work! 

I got a little bit tired from the plain look I was presenting them on my Etsy shop, so I decided to use props I had to create a little "mess". I also added some of my jewelry. The little porcelain tea cup is from an antique tea set that was a Christmas gift from my father. 

Of course the simple photos is a must too as I want you to be able to see how it actually look :) 

I also got an order from my BF friend to make a necklace for him. This was the first time I had to make something unisex. He actually liked it a loot and will be picking it up next week. As for now I'll be focusing on bands more since I have a  few ideas in mind for new projects:)

Thanks for taking a look ;)


Stocking up some simple jewelry

The winter is coming to the end hopefully and I decided to renew my everyday jewelry box with few simple jewelry pieces I found on Ebay. The origin country of these is China, they are quite cheap and perfect for everyday use since you won't feel to devastated if you loose it :D And I happen to do that quite a lot.

What  I got is this Bat pentacle on a long chain. The quality is quite good for the little price I paid. It looks lovely and love to tangle in things like other people hair :D

Second purchase are these loooovely kitties earrings. The details of these are not at perfection.... But they are alright. I wanted the black ones by they were out of stock so I got them in silver color. And that was a good choice for they would disappear in my black hair background. They fit perfectly as you see and there are no gaps. The lock just seems a little bit loose and I'll have to do something about it if I don't want to loose them on the first day of wearing.. 

Next are these black crosses earring. They reminded me of old school a little bit so I ordered them thought I'm not a super big fan of cross earrings :) They look best with my hair up since it disappear due my black hair color if my hair hangs loose. I ordered them in silver color the same day I got the black version. 
My coworker wasn't impressed with the "hanged kittens" as she expressed herself and liked these much more.

And last but not least is this big vampire cross pendant. It came with rubber band but I wear it on a long chain... and sometimes on short if I don't want to poke someones eye with it :D The little bat has no face, but everything else looks good. I like the details on wings. And this is A VERY BATTY CROSS. And I love it!!! But I got a feeling this might be originally from Alchemy Gothic. Not sure, but let me know if you know something ;) 

And something hat haven't arrived jet is the bracelet of bones in silver color and a bronze skeleton  hand...

... that I intend to spray in silver or black since there was no option for these colors. I think I'll stick to silver it's the best color when you wear all black :D

I still want a big ankh and I have laid my eyes on this Alchemy Gothic beauty :3

Well this one will not be a cheap one :D


Winter, boots and raw food

Winter finally strikes. It was quite warm for a winter till last week, when the cold weather came back and now it's -16 Celsius. Not that cold but still... I already had hopes it will be a winter with no snow. But, oh well...At least I have my warm coat and a hat that keeps my head safe from the stingy weather. Do you spot my new boots? The brand is DEMONIA.  The shop had a good discount for the last pair that was of my size, so I bought them. They are really comfortable, but I'm afraid they won't last long since it's a artificial leather. I'm thinking about saving money for another pair of New Rocks that would be flat. I know they are worth the money they cost. So New Rock boots and another piece of Alchemy Gothic jewelry is on my list of  things I want in 2014 :D. 
 Off to work.

Other things on my list is get more raw food in my everyday meals. I'm doing quite well, I'd say. I don't use any mayo or other sauces from the shop. Instead I blend avocado or cashew with garlic and herbs I have.
My favorite at the moment is green pea and carrot salads.

I use cashew "mayo" and add leek. Today I also  blended banana with cacao, few cashew nuts, a piece of avocado and added some sesames on top. It was really tasty. It was a little hard at first since I struggled with the ideas what to have for lunch at work. Winter is not the best time to start raw diet since all veggies and fruits become  quite expensive:D But I really do feel great. No more heave feeling after meals and that is great.


Happy New Years everyone!!!

 Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope you great them in your best mood. Me and my mate went to an alternative club to celebrate. There was an event called "Dance Macabre Masquerade". Few band supposed to play at this event but at the last moment they were called of because one of the member got injured and went to hospital... I still wonder why both band got canceled instead of one. All that left were DJ's. But we decided to attend it anyway. The music range was elector/industrial/synthpop/EBM. I'm not a big fan of those style but we decide to spend our time have fun and we did it :) We danced like crazy! Let's not forget the outfits. We did our best I think to keep the dress code "dress to impress" :D Here is couple of photos... and it was taken after we came back from the party, so have that in mind :D

We finally could wear those horns I ordered a year ago. We didn't stayed to long. Just enough for as to have fun :) electro and synth genders of music seem little bit boring to me. Some good old school would have made us to stay for longer :D I do like nice industrial metal  bands though...
So, the last year went gone now and lets great the 2014!!!!


Going raw...

So, everything started when a mutual friend of ours started to work as chef at raw  restaurant. At first I was like "this is not lasagna if it has no pasta and how are these spaghetti if there is no spaghetti?" But I knew  that it all was just for checking the new waters. We spend the evening talking about raw food and watching  raw recipes on you tube. The evening ended by me making a raw spread from seeds and veggies I had at the moment. It was damn delicious. So that all week I ate raw spreads with everything :D I found out about cashew cream and almond milk and got more and more obsess with idea that I want to eat like that. I was thinking about getting food processor and blender... just thinking until I got this book from my aunt for Christmas :D

"Healthy and delicious Raw cocktails, smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks"

And I believe that my aunt got it for me because it's a good looking book for as long as I know she is not into raw food culture :D But for me it was a push.

Well, I already ordered my food processor and shaker. It will be in one week. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I do believe that all my emotional mood swings are due to bad diet ( word "diet" describes the sum of food you eat and it doesn't specifically mean not eating for weight loosing purpose).

I'm more exited that I'll get opportunity to try new recipes that are easy to make and are delicious as well as get nutrient and vitamins I need since all our veggies were backed or boiled. And not many good stuff are left after that. Basically I'm letting my body to have what it is craving for and it is craving for raw food like mad. 
Other good thing is that while my mate will be cooking his measl I will not have to wait till the stove will be free to use it and will be able to prepare my meal at the same time so we could enjoy dinner time together. 

Basically it's a new fun thing for me. Not sure how long it will last. I'm not going vegan. I'll just be eating my vegetables and fruits raw. I'm especially happy that there is a healthy replacement for all those cupcakes and cakes. 

Look at these!!!
I also have a secret desire to surprise my mother with all this tasty cooking that I know she would love.
I tried  raw beetroots chips and they are amazingly tasty!! Just look at the color of this smoothie of beetroots:D

I have just a perfect glass for this bloody red drink >:)

I like that this new obsession gives me positive emotions. It's fun and that is really important for me ;)
I guess next post will be about me shaping seed bread into coffins and serving it with perfectly red raw tomatoes spread :D Oh, the space for imagination :D
I would appreciate if anyone who has experience in eating raw would share their mind ;)


A little bit of nonsence

I'm not in my best mood today and this week just because... it happens time to time. So here's a funny comic from my sister about smoking. 

 bottom (in Lithuanian) "The image of a chimney haven't  impressed anybody..." 

 "... not even the Santa Clause!" 

She is quite good with funny and ironic cartoons :D At least I think so :D

What else... these things  makes me feel better just by posting them...
OK. So, they keep two horses. Every summer there is a problem of keeping them safe from all kind of horseflies and bloodsucker. Those things are really annoying. So they bought a face cover fort the horses. And the one they choose looked... impressive :D

I was laughing so hard at these XD

\I'll go back on packing gifts now...