Dolls: Enchanted dolls

I love dolls. If I could, I would have a room full of dolls. Since my childhood I had lots of dolls but they all were designed to look like babies or children. And I never had an interest in them.
This is me and my dad. And dolls... My parents had more fun buying them, then me playing with them :D

The first doll that I really liked, was Barbie. Laugh if you want. But it's true. Since than I had Barbiemania which grown to a real doll mania. I loved the dolls that looked like a grown up human and not babies. I never played "mom and child" with my dolls. I played fashion shows, hair salons and, I have to admit, some kinky stuff, when my friend got Ken :D:D 
I firs heard about ball jointed dolls when I was 18 and it was something amazing.... and soooo expensive. It' still is :(  
I was searching the net, looking at their photos and hoping one day to get one to. I still do. And I think I'll get one  in this or the next year. But the stuff I came a year ago was something super amazing. It was an art of dolls itself. An amazing beauty and pureness, fragility and absolute perfection. As if god created humans I found an artist ho created dolls in the same manner. And those dolls were ENCHANTED DOLL created by Marina Bychkova. Her dolls are made from porcelain and hand painted by Marina. The tattoos, the eye lashes, pubic hairs...The dolls are super detailed and almost like real beings. Of course such perfection is not cheap. If I remember good the nude doll's price begins from 2000 dollars. But who cares :D 
Just gaze at them...

I fall in love every time I see pics of her dolls. Some of them are real beauties. Who am I kiding..They all are!!! What I mean is that some of her dolls projects are a little spooky but non less beautiful.

Like these...

Domestic Abuse.  Doll battered by her abusive, controlling and jealous husband. Still in progress.

A porcelain tribute to breast cancer fighters and the choices they face.

Doll based on the main protagonist from the novel Anna Karenina written by Leo Tolstoy in an orthopedic corset and a prosthetic leg device.

I can't get enough of her art. I won't be writing about Marina since you can discover her on her blog Enchanted dolls.
Enjoy and let your self be caught by the beauty of her art.


  1. These are exquisite! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I'm glad you like it. I was wondering how many people knows about her and her dolls :)

  3. Oh my GOOD LORD. These. I WANT! SO BADLY!!