Sorry for not posting on Monday.... But here they are. Winners of my give away :) I placed all you names in a bowl and then draw the 4 winners. Those, who had posted about my give away on their blogs had extra chance and there were two peaces of paper with their names :) And the winner are:

  • Amy
  • Sarah
  • Kitty Lovett
  • Martina (Fugulicious)

I've sent you emails already ;)

I draw again from the 4 winner to find out what earrings they will get. And the decision made by Goddess was this ;)

 So, this is all. I'm glad you took a chance to enter my give away. There will be more of them. I promise ;)


  1. Thanks a lot, I love fairies so I'll use them a lot :)

  2. Hi Audronasha, so glad to be a winner!

    Do you know when I can expect these to arrive?