Drive angry and bad guys

This Sunday we had a "Good bye" party with our friend who are leaving to Manchester to live and work there since the situation is LT is not so good for young people. 

So we decided to watch  "Drive angry" while drinking bear. I haven't heard anything about this movie, but since it was Nicolas Cage, who played the main part in it, I said OK. I loved such movies as "Birdy", "Face Off" and "City of Angels". And the name of the movie promised some car chasing or raising or at least some ruff driving so my bf wanted to see it to (all men are obsessed with cars, I say). And we really watched it.  Usually movies that are watched by us while drinking bear and chatting are just for the background. But we drank bear and watched it laughing from some scenes, screaming and so on :)
It was really a nice movie so I was very surprised how many negative comments there was under the trailer....
It was fun. I wasn't such a serious movie as "Birdy" but I think those who has time to leave nasty comments don't watch "good" movies. So why do they complain???
I liked the main hero John Milton ( you can know the other John Milton - author of Paradise Lost ). I always liked when Cage was playing a crazy, bad ass guys like in "Face Off" ( till he gets the good guy face) 

There was a lot of beating and car chasing but I just loved the "Devil's Accountant" who was played by William Fichtner.

Are you lucky tonight???

 That cold elegance wearing a suit while chasing Cage!!!! Mmmm :) (  I love Christopher Walker for the same reason ). And I loved the episode where he is falling from the bridge in a car and smiles lightly while falling. Well, you can't be kill so easily when you serve for the Lucifer  :D

The main villain is played by Billy Burke who is also the daddy of the main heroin in Twilight. But he looked quite hot it this role. Except the fact that he wanted to sacrifice a baby and was carrying a bone of his killed victim all the time :(

Not so bad?? ;) Just throw away that bone.

I didn't watched it in 3D. I DON'T like 3D that much...  But our tv handled it quite good. There is some sarcastic scenes you should see and all scenes with the Accountant :P
The plot might be lame but the situations are really fun to watch. 
:) So give it a try :)
P.S. I didn't mention a blonde girl who finds her  BF in a bed with other chick and beats up her  AND the boyfriend. But she is ok too. She's not a silly sexy blond doll. She's a hard blond :D Hard enough to get with Cage and beat up the evil one to :D 


Red and hearty

I colored my hair a day before. The color shines in sunlight like fire and I like it :) I'm still growing off my black color. my hair are thin so no bleaching for them.

And I finally got my heart shaped glasses I ordered from Ebay :) I love them. How else can it be with glasses of such shape :P  I just need to by a pair of lenses for myself now :)

This is me 5 years ago :D :D
I died my hair in  red when since I was 16.


Super easy hair bow tutorial

I promised you a tutorial of that hair bow I had in a photos. So here it is. It's super simple. All you need is...

 ...some tulle, a ribbon and a hair band.

 Fold the robin and place it aside.

 Take your tulle...

...and just tie it on your hair band with weak knot

 Now take the black ribbon and push it trough the knot.

It should look like this.

Now just firm you tulle, so it would hold the black ribbon well...

And you are done.  The best thing is that you can remove the bow if you get bored of it and use the hair band for another tutorial I'm posting soon ;) 
Pssss....It will contain hearts :)

Fix the tulle and you are ready to go.

And here's some Lithuanian Neo Folk for you ;) I wonder how it sound to you when you can't understand the words. I always find the pronouncing of other languages very amusing :) Especially of those I don't hear often.

Have a nice day!
Gothically yours... 


Outfit for a day

It was cold that day, so I had my sweeter on. As you see, I have a new hair cut. Well, I just cut my bangs and made them shorter. Maybe to short for me... :) Well, it will be longer after few weeks so that's OK :) 

My boyfriend promised to buy me a tripod. I'm tired of putting my camera on sofa and praying that it wouldn't' drop down on the floor :D You can see a little photo camera pendant. I ordered it on Ebay and I love it :)  It's so cute :3

What do you think of my bangs?
The summer is already here. It's getting hot. But we still have some rainy days. I like it when it rains. I'm one of those persons who don't like to show much skin :P Oh, but when the heat strikes I just have no other options. I got some nice clothes for summer and I'm posting some of them soon. 


Just thoughts

Ten days has passed since my last record. Well, work can take away you strength sometimes and all you can think about is bed...
I red Veronica's Varlow diary - blog today. Oh, how wonderful this women can write. I think she herself is a wonder. And I know that there is many undiscovered wonders like her, and I hope I'll discover them sooner or later. It's so nice sometimes to stop rushing and enjoy those wonders in one or other form. This time I enjoyed it in written form. Her words are always so calming. It's strange how we often give a voice to a people we never  meet and imagine that this is how they would sound if they would be speaking out loud. Well, I would lie if I said that I never met Veronica. I had a chance to see her performing with Emilie Autumn on her tour. If not Emilie, I would never have knew about Veronica. I always say that every event and every person in your life is important, be it a sad or a good thing, it connects you to something meaningful in your life, that would be missed in other way. When I grow up I didn't knew what kind of woman I wanted to be. I didn't wanted to be like my mother since she always was too domineering. I wanted to be strong, but not manly, sexy, but not slutty, caring but not bored house wife, adventurous but not irresponsible, loving but not obsessed with it. And some how I found it all in Veronica. She connects all thing I treasure in a woman and proves to me, that it all can be compatible. 
A year has almost past since I had a major changes in my life and found myself from the different point. I was a little afraid animal who was grasped to her most lovable person and became blind. I thought that if I do nothing, that nothing will change and will stay the same. But life is a river and you can't step in the same river twice. Even if you'll keep standing in it, it will change around you. It' will not be the same river. So you must became a river yourself. 
I like what I have become. I started to treasure myself, I stopped thinking about negatives things in me and my body. Instead I started to unmask the positives ones. I started to compliment myself and for that "myself" responded with more merits. 
Maybe it's true that a woman starts to blossom  after her 30th  years.Well two more year, but I already like myself now much more that ever :)

                                                             A year before and this spring.

Me with my lovely leather corset.

Gothically Yours... ;)


Practice makes it perfect. Some tips for you.

The same day I started this blog I also decided that I'll give much more attention to my make up.  I  was really crappy at it then. And I think I'm so much better today :D At least I like it. I started to use eye liner and it gave much more dramatic look to the eyes. I was afraid to use it before because I thought that it's very complicated to apply it right and I didn't wanted to look like a clown :P But now I'm really confidence in myself.

Here's my todays make up. Of course it's an every day make up. I put much more details when I'm going our for  the evening ;)

I'm in love with dots lately. I just love to add them here and there. It gives a little bit unusual look :P


I've found an easy way to make a quick dark eye look. I use a cotton pad for pattern. I cut it side in oval shape, then add it to my eye and start applying the shadows. 

Just put your shadow on and don't be afraid, the line will be nice and clear.

Put the pad like shown and paint your bottom eye lid. From now on there will be no crumbs of black shadows on your cheeks :)

If you are not sure about your abilities to cover the top lid, use a cotton pad pattern too. The edges will be clear and symmetric. 

Want that Cleo look??
You know..Egyptian eyes :)

Put a napkin at the bottom eye lid ....

...and put your eye shadows with a brush along the napkin toward your ear. 

The more you brush, the heaver line will be ;) You can make it as long as you want.

It's supper quick and looks really good. I always had problems painting my eyes symmetric. I have a witch mark on my eyelid and it always gets in a way making heavy make up :D And with cotton pads there is no need of drawing lines all you have to do is shade and add extra lines after it. You can experiment with it too...

So give a try and leave me a comment if it was useful. Or maybe you are already using such thing :)


Goth commercials

One day I was just dreaming  how wonderful it would be if my appearance was accepted as any other look. That people would't stare, poke or do any other unpleasant stuff. I know, that some would say "then dress like all common people" or some thing like that. But I love my black laced dresses, my boots, my leather corsets and heavy make up. I don't shout ugly things when I see a girls with a super heavy tan or a man wearing a sport suit or any other stuff I would not wear. I leave it to them and don't allege them how to look or act... So why do other people think that their opinion is so important that I must know it. I think it's fun that we all are different. That there are different stiles, opinions, ways of living and so on. World would be boring if we all would look and act the same. 
You can't see much Gothic stuff in every day life but I remembered some  commercials that used goth image. 

This is the one I love the most :) Lovely.

This one is super funny :D

I like this one. We can have fun time too :D
Heineken commercial.

This one a little bit a clich├ęd, but still fun. It makes me remember how someone asked us do we ever cry? That was their way to start a conversation with us... I said "Yes, we cry, we laugh, we are are human beings after all" It almost turned into a real fight because my boyfriend told them to f...k off. But we managed to keep it on words fight only :D I got some adrenalin then :D So yes we do laugh and cry ;) 

Speaking about difference...

Well I don't need that stuff to act like that :D But I love that surfing board. And common!! We can have fun at the beach. :D

So rise your heads up and lets dominate the world!!!! :D