Hair band "Bats glide on the Halloween coffin"

So, I came to this idea while being at work. And as soon as I came home I did all I could to make it real. And here it is. A fun and cute hair band special for Halloween.

 It took me a bout a half of a hour to make it. I used cardboard, hot glue, black silky fabric, some wire and black acrylic paint.

 I cut out bats from cardboard and attached them to wire with hot glue, then painted them with black acrylic paint.

I got the idea how to make the coffin from a tutorial "How to make a coffin purse".  I made it how she made the top of the purse. Then I attached it to a hair band with some leather strap and hot glue.
I'm really happy with it. Now I don't have to go to Cemetery to see bat gliding. But I still will going there  tomorrow. Just to see a million of burning candles placed and the resting places of all those gone souls. The scenery is always amazing.

Have a fun Halloween ;)


Evening make up "I like dots and I can not lie"

Remember the post before? So this is what I did with my make up latter that evening.  

 It's kind of a dolly look, I guess...

I added darker shadows on the top lid and some shadows under my eyes. I never tried it before, but it looks ok. I always liked the way Adora BatBrat paints her face. It's just sad that because of the light you can't see the real view... damn that bathroom lights :( I know that fake Eye lashes would be perfect for this look. But I couldn't find my glue anywhere... So just imagine them :D

And dots, dots dots... I'm still obsessed with them :)

 So, the make up is done, so it's time to dress up and go party... 

 A fancy hat, a lovely kitten brooch, my Lolita blouse and I'm ready.

Not my favorite look. I but I thought the Lolita - Victorian style goes best with this make up... I need to learn how to contour my cheek bones too. Any suggestions for a good tutorial??


Black eyeliner make up

A free day at last... I love my job, I do. But I can't go to it all fancy creepy black, so I keep it for my free days.
Sun is bright as it's in the autumn and my red hair is sparkling too. I love this color red, but I want to make it a little bit brighter. the time to dye is coming so I will try something out.

 And yes, I bought those fancy skeleton hands I was dreaming for so long. I found it for a very good price on Etsy. Now I got six of them :D Two goes for my friend as soon as I get more clips to attached them to. Other two. Well, it's always good to have some spare skeleton hands in your closet ;)

 Here are some black ribbon clips I made. I wanted something simple but cute. But now I want to add something too :D I can't go with very simple I guess...

And of course, the make up....

 It seemed to light for me so I put some golden shadows on the upper lid.

 You can see them here. If it was evening, I would probably add some black and purple shadows. The best about this is that I can do it latter. So the day make up turns into evening just by adding some darker colors. Myebe I'll add a photo latter. When the evening comes ;D

 I want to reshape my eyebrows into more firm. I need to color them anyway. I'm not good on doing it by myself and to lazy to go to a pro :D
The last photo... The line came really good. I got a birth mark on the outside corner of my left lid. It always gave me a hard time to make a clear line. So I decided to make it a little bit lower. And I guess it looks good too :)

So, latter that evening ;)

More photos on the next post ;)


Bloody spooky and funny things for you inner child

These are the sad days in my life. Dark in the way I don't like it. But ... The life goes one and you find things to cheer you up. So do I... The Halloween is coming and I hope to find some cool and nice decorations at stores... While they are not there jet, we can search the net for some striking stuff...

PERPETUAL KID - a nice shop to search for funny and amusing things to entertain your inner child :)

Spooky ones

Fingers soap. Perfect decoration for your bathroom...

Creative ones...

Must have ones...

I love it :D Perfect bath curtains to go with ....

Bloody bath rug that I've seen on Ebay.

I think i can make one like that myself. Worth to try it out ;)


Dolls: BJD accessories

I'm saving money for my future ball jointed doll. I want it so much, that I can't wait to order it. Since my friend already has a beautiful Soul doll Vito Lester named Luka, I decided to make some BJD jewelry for selling. Here are pictures of my hand made jewelry taken by my friend Yuki. The model of course is her lovely boy Luka. He has a wonderful body sculpt :P
You can find more BJD jewelry at my Etsy store;)

 Antique key 

 Noble heart

 Rose key

Antique charm


I hope it will help to collect some money for my wonderful Luts Senior Abadon :)


Thin line or suitable for parents

I don't  post outfit photos very often since I dress at the last min. and don't have a time to take photos. It's sad, since a lot of good outfits are lost. It's nice to see what fitted you good and to recreate that look again with some different details. So I'll try to do that more often. 
This outfit is from my meeting with mom. She came to the town I live for some personal business and we agreed to met at the cafeteria to chat. My sister was coming too. But it's just a side note :) So I wanted to look not to extravagant but not to ordinary too. Every time my mother sees me with average clothes she thinks that the "phase" is over ( come on, I'm 28. It will never be over!!) so I try to keep my dark side visible :D But after that I had to visit my work place and I didn't wanted my employ's to be shocked so I avoided fluffy stuff, coffins and skulls. I still have the job, so I think I did great.

 I'm wearing my lovely striped jacket (second hand store), ripped jeans, black sweeter and a spider web top under it. I like that top so much. It's a perfect accent for any top with bigger neckline ;)

By the way, I ripped jeans myself by using a big razor. After a few washing they got the perfect trimmed look. The best thing is that I can wear a colorful tights underneath to make a perfect match with tops or any  accessories I wear.
  You can see I'm wearing my spiked heart pendant and an ankh. After I made my Goth box for jewelry it's much easier to find my little treasures since their are kept in one place all the time.

 My hairdo is a simple low piggy tails. I don't wear them often since I find it to girly but it's perfect for softening bitchy look.

Dots and eye liner are my favorite make up accents. 
And the bag I took with me was my Nr.1 for now Ruby Gloom bag.

I want a long black velvet skirt for this autumn, but sadly I can't find one anywhere :( I guess the only resort is to make one myself...
Have a nice day!

Gothically Yours,
The Countess


Locket pendants

I always wished for a beautiful locked pendant where you can keep your beloved one photo or a piece of hair... or little secret contract with the devil :)
My friend had one and I always envied her for this reason. Her locket belonged to her mother and I wanted a locket with a history too. Like those that are passed from generation to generation... But no one in my family had one so i decided, that I'll be the first one to start this tradition and will find a nice beautiful  locket to wear and give to my daughter, so she could give it to her's.
I'm still looking for the perfect one... But here is some I found really nice looking too.

Ebay catch...

Book locket pendant
Simple and clear. True sterling silver. A solid one with a little crown on it.

These beauties are adorable. Maybe not very good for a family treasure, but for every day use they are perfect. So cute little pots.

I found this one really cute.

Unusual one. A vintage style. Really beautiful and delicate.

Flower locket. I do find it very elegant and sweet.
So I was looking and searching, then I got bored...

So I wen to Etsy...
And oh, boy....

I love this one. Such a vibrant green. It reminds me of Absent... Really nice job. It looks like glowing amber...

This one is expensive, but it's absolutely handmade.

A little perfume bottle locket. I always wanted one of these to carry around. I would fill them with some secret potion or special spice dusts. This goes to my wish list.

A beautiful peace with flower. Elegant and lovely. For all ages ladies.

Red Riding Hood. What a fun artwork. Good looking, sweet and charming. I would want one like that :)

And this one was made by me a year ago. It has been sold to a happy new owner.
Well, I don't get rid of idea to make a perfect locket pendant myself. But for now I'm doig both. Searching and creating.



I finally got my mini top hat that I ordered from Ebay. It looks really  nice, has gorgeous details and is very comfortable to attach in any position you like :)

Here it is.

The feather, the lace, the veil, the bow....It has everything ;)
The two clips keeps it on your head really tight.

I want this one too.

But they don't ship it to my country. How sad.
Of course I could make one, but when it costs 3 dollars to by it... Well, I like to order little cute stuff from Ebay time to time. You never know when the package will come and every time it's a surprise :) I love it. It makes my day :D

I want some hair extensions like this one too :P

But in black of course...  My red bangs would go nicely with it :)

I just wonder how it would look on me.Well, at least it looks good on a model....

Do you have anything like that????