DIY Hair clips: a perfect present for a perfect cost

I was doing some DIY yesterday. i had some plane clips in my drawer and decided to make some use of them. I love big bowed hair clips. I love small and subtle, cute and elegant hair clips. I love them, but I don't wear them a lot. My hair is so slick and straight that the clips usually fall out :( But I still try to do my best so I usually wear them with tossed or tied up hair. However, it doesn't mean I can not make them :D
So here they are....
 Cute Gothic Lolita bows.

 A bat bow clip. 

 A heart shaped hair clip.

 I love how it sits in my hair.

 Victorian sea shell cameo hair clip. cameo is made by me too.

 A spider clip.
 I had made  this spider brooch long time ago. I decided to put it to use by making a clip from it. You can make lots of adorable hair clips just by gluing some nice jewelry peaces you have to a simple plane hair clip.

Here are all my work results. Making your own hair clips it the most simple way to have your own unique ( in any style you like) hair accessories.  And such a lovely handmade accessory is a perfect gift for your sister friend or even mother (if she wears ones). And it doesn't cost a fortune. These ones cost nothing for me. I made them from scraps I had at home.

My working place :D

Here's some simple and nice tutorials and ideas:
 So get busy ;) Holidays are coming soon.


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  2. Love your clips. Dark and beautiful :)