Holidays gifts wrapping. Do it in style

It's a tradition  for me to return home for Christmas despite how much I hate spending three hours in a train with all packages (present) of mine. And I'm working on 24th, so that means I'll have to take  a train early in the morning of 25th. 
Yesterday I was backing cookies all day long. I'll have no time latter so I decided to do it on my day off. Now I must to resist and not devour them :D They are so tasty. Need to remember the recipe.
I'll leave the packing for the last day. I've found very pretty wrapping paper with golden and white ornament on a black background :D How ever, most of my present won't have a certain form so, I'll just use a organza bags and keep the beautiful wrapping paper for future gifts :)
I usually do not Gothicize the gifts. I always want, but some how I end not doing it. I'll add some bats this year...maybe. 

How ever, here's some inspiring wrapping:

So elegant. The wood element brings out the warm. You can actually buy it here.

For your family males. Source

I find lace on gift packages to be adorable accent. Source

Why not decorate your present with stamps?

Learn how to make them:

Other cute wrappings

Simple but cute. Black paper/ white snowflake? Why not ;)

News paper can be handy too :)

I love simplicity :) It's stand out from ordinary wrapping and is so personal.

 And what about making your own present bag?? Tutorial here.
So, you are welcome to use the ideas if you haven't prepared your gifts jet ;)


Waiting for Christmas just becouse

I got up early. I had plans to go to a birthday party of an old friend ( some photos later maybe) so I had to get a present. It's cold outside. A real bad ass winter. And I am not a fan of winter... So sweater is a must thing :)

I have two more skirts under this one. A black for the length and a  Kera punk one to give a little bit volume.  The outfit is simple, but also is the day.

My beautiful skirt stuck in a custom :( I have send all the documents I had. I guess there was no documents outside the box. I'll have to mention it to Clobba next time I'll be buying from them. Good thing is that my gift for my boyfriend also arrived. I was afraid it will took longer since it's a holiday season. I showed him the item some month before just to see what he thinks an he was like  "OMG!!!" And then I had an evil smile. He has no idea I'm getting it :D You, my dear readers, will see it after the Christmas (I don't want any info to leak :D) 
I'm finally getting a new laptop. The first thing that came into my mind was "Now we can play Minecraft together!" I'll make him to create me a special skin :D He had an Ulquiorra for himself . I want a Lolita :D

What else... Oh oh. More dresses. I'm a big spender I know. But it's winter. I have a right to spoil myself :D
Its actually a jumper skirt (JSK) from Bodyline.

I ordered this one in black. The front pink ribbons will be change to black latter and the pink lacing on the bag will be removed. I saw this dress on Walrus blog  and I loved it. As sweet as it is, the pink can be toned down by black accessories and give to this dress really nice and elegant look. The main thing of course is the print. I love it. I want my wardrobe to maintain in Gothic stile be it Lolita or anything else. So I just wanted to try and see if a bittersweet print, accompanied by Gothic accessories and dark colors can actually look good on me. 
I would love to have such prints as... 

The Alice and The Pirates Vampire prelude or 
The Alice and The Pirates The black cat, witch and the apple tree
And one day I will and Vampire prelude is gonna be an original. But as totally noob I first want to see if I can coordinate it easily with cheaper brands :)

The other one is a black JSK from the same brand.

I made a decision to order it after reading a review on The Walrus room. It's so beautiful. And you can tone it down for everyday looks by wearing a plain black blouse under it and a simple bolero or you can pimp it up by choosing an elegant princess style blouse with bell sleeves. 

It's fun to be your own Santa :D


Crafting place

I am a crafter. I love DIY things. And I always do them. I sew, paint, construct, model and reconstruct hings     when ever I can. But I'm a terribly messy one. I dream of having a little room of my own where the mess I create would not poke the eyes of others and I wouldn't need to hide it every time some one is coming over... But sometimes it gets so messy I can't find a needle or scissors :D Not to mention that pieces of fabric is scattering everywhere. And that's bad, because I love my place to be tidy... but I hate to tide :D 
So I decided it's time to change it. And I need to start from my crafting place since it's where all the mess starts and spreads trough the apartment.

Just look at this :0 Mine will never look like that. But I'll try to do my best. First of all I want to make it more creative. I love when everything hangs in their places. But just thinking of organizing everything makes me die. Well that's a challenge. 


How to make a Lolita inspired dress in a super fast way

It's so clear to me, when I think about it.  It will be number one "must make" projects. I was thinking how to make a black overdress in Lolita style so I could wear it on different skirts. I got this idea from this fantastic Haenuli dress...

For me this dress is just like the one I used to draw when I was a kid. My every princess had a dress like that with different color fabric peeking under the main dress <3 <3 <3 I hope to order this dress someday.

But I also want a more plain black dress like that just without the inner skirt.
So I could wear it with any other of my skirts depending on my mood.

I love this idea. I saw similar idea on one blog. A girl was showing how much coordination you can pull off with one dress. Her Metamorphose dress has buttons on a front. I loved how she combined it with skirts especially with lavender Vampire requiem one. :3 I couldn't find similar dress for a more affordable price (if you know, give me a link;) 

 Then I sow this at EGL sales

Victorian maiden tartan OP (or a dress in a common language)

All I see is a combination of simple top and an additional amount of fabric. For my taste it would look good in black with a little bit more black ruffles.
 I even could wear a black version over my Vampire requiem skirt that will come soon. And then it was like "I can make a whole dress like that. Just by making a skirt and sewing it to a cotton blouse I like." I admit that this idea came into my mind because I find the top part of the dress the most difficult to make... So thit could be a way to make simple but nice dresses for every day use by cheating a little bit :3 ;)
I have never used this method but it just cant fail. It popped into my head this morning and I was like "Why, oh why I threw away that romantic top I had and never wear." So you really can  make a wonderful dress by using a nice cotton blouse/top, a half meter  of black matching cotton fabric and a half meter of desired print fabric, like this ...

Or you can make it all black ;)

If you would measure and sew the black fabric to be about 2 m wide and about 35 cm long and gather it, this would be a skirt base. Then you should cut and sew the print fabric so that it would be about 20 cm long and 2 meters wide or even wider if you would want to gather it while sewing to a black skirt base (like this AP skirt). Make some black ruffles from the black cotton fabric and add them at the bottom of the skirt. Black lace is a good option too. Especially  eyelet.  But it's just my opinion. Use what you like.You can cover the part where the print fabric is sewed to a black one by sewing nice lace on top of the seam.

You should get something lake this.
Not a bad skirt. You can sew a waist line to it and actually make a skirt.  But I don't enjoy making and sewing waist line too. So I'll just sew it to a bottom of my blouse/top to make a dress :)

Now, to make the dress more matching you could make some bows from the print fabric and add it to the blouse. Brows the web for other details you might like and add them if you think you need them. I call this one Lolita inspired dress to not  offend anyone ;)

Let me know what you think. I'll post a real version as soon as I'll make it.


For all black color lovers

My favorite quote from now on :)

Yes, sometimes I feel like that...

Enjoy some stunning images while listening to it ;) I adore them all
I could dress myself like that source

Such an elegant Gothic lady source

Light hair - dark outfit. Lovely :) source

It's like if F.F. Coppola's Dracula was a female :)source

So dark and elegant source


Rich and dark eye shadows for dramatic look

Just ordered a bunch of eye shadows from Scaredy Cat. I love her make up and the packing she use. So unique and personal :) Why feed large cosmetic companies with you incomes, when you can actually give it to a real person and get a real product with a soul.

I felt in love with their red, brown and orange eye shadows at the first sign.

So I ordered a bigger container and got a chance to pic five free samples :) How cool is that?  :D So I picked colors I haven't tried before.





All are red and brown tones again :) I just love them. They looked good when I had red hair, I hope it will be the same now that I'm black. 
I do love dramatic make up but I sometimes find it to cliche and to boring. Not to mention it not always look good and you can end like panda instead of Vamp Queen :D That always happens with baby bats :) You must blend black with other colors to avoid that circle "around your eyes"  look. Especially if your eyes are not that big. You can end having "piggy eyes as I call them;) 

Sorry fans, but that's  NOT a good use of black eyeliner. And I often see girls wearing it all like that with super dark lipstick. Ah well... Who am I to criticize it. I'm just happy it's not me :D Because I personally find this combination  funny looking one.

So, my favorite combination is red and brown plus a little bit of black. I almost never leave without my dots at least four of them (two on the each of  lover lid of the eye).

Red blended with brown and black
+black liquid eyeliner

Silver blended with grey and black
+black liquid eyeliner

Metallic golden blended with light brown
+black liquid eyeliner

Just black liquid eyeliner and a little bit of light golden/brown.
I left my lips pale, since if I would add darker color I would look 10 years older...

I was out of make up already. There was left only some brown shadows and green ones witch I don't like at the moment. And I'm very picky about the color. But I'm safe now :) I can't wait to get the order :D

Next in my Etsy wish list is SaraWen perfume oils. As description says it's "Unique perfume oils inspired by all things Literary, Magical, Historical, Gothic, and Geeky! " 
I have found many review and feedback telling that the scents are magnificent. I cant wait to order them when I'll have extra cash in my PayPal again :)


Simple Lolita inspired outfit

Outfit I had few days before  becoming black again :D 

It's very simple, just a handmade skirt, simple shirt and a black sweeter. The bow is attachable. It went on other skirt latter. And I think it's not the last journey of its :D

This is how my hand made skirt looks with new bows. I still want something more on it...

I had a chance to wear my black pearls necklace. It's first time I'm really wearing them and not trying :) I got it from my mother as a gift. I love how they become warm after few minutes of wearing them. And they are ice cold when I put them on .

Now go and have some coffee :)
Sebastian will serve you the sweets .


Game of Thrones, weekend outfit and other routine of a Countess

Finally  I had a chance to go home this weekend. I haven't seen my parents since summer I guess. So staying at my dad's hause was few days of totally relaxation away from my sewing table witch is making me crazy. Since I'm a person of no patterns I try do do everything just by taking a look. I use no patterns. And they ARE NEEDED sometimes... 
I'm glad I'll finally got my winter coat. It's way to cold now with the thin one I had and now I can be sure I won't get cold and won't have to wear 2 sweaters when I go outside. I also snatched a cardigan from attic. All unused stuff  are kept there as well as some season clothes. So I found a high collar blouse, a shrug and a white T shirt for reconstruction.
I also had a chance to dress up as a doll :D It was fun for me and since we played "Game of Thrones" all Saturday, I just had to look royally :D

I played for Baratheon house :D

Love the motto :D 
The game devoured almost 5 hours of our time. Not to mention we had to leave it and to finish it the next morning :D So I definitely recommend it if you enjoyed the book and the TV series. 
We were leaving on Sunday. My sister entered the room when I was putting on my fourth skirt layer. That's how I travel with them to keep them smooth. She asked "Why do you do that?". "Because it's fun" - I answered.
The last day coordination was my favorite. I decided that the wide sleeves are definitely my favorite ones and that the black color suits me best.
 And yes... I colored my hair black again... 
Blouse - off brand.
Corset - Ebay
Sleeves - attachable, made by me.
Cardigan - reconstructed from an old dress.
Skirt - an off brand. I added ribbon a and black lace.
Shoes - borrowed from sister just for this photo.

The coordination with the white collar cutsew and a white underskirt was nice but not as nicely dark and warm.
Blouse - a cutsew from a simple long sleeve and lace
Cardigan - off brand
Cosrset - Ebay
Skirt reconstructed from a large off brand skirt
Underskirt -  made by me.
Well,I like this outfit as well as the first one, is just I don't really know about the white collar. Maybe it's not so bad. :)

I got payed for a purchase few days ago and was all like "oh, a new dress!!!" but it was so hard to pic which one I wan't ( since I want so many) that  my eyes started to hurt. I decided that it's silly and left that matter. I still got a lovely JSK and a dress I haven't worn jet. 
But since inner shopaholic was still roaring I decided to spend them on my darling Haru ( who is a ball jointed doll from Luts company). He was sleeping in his box since we got a cat. At first I was afraid the cat will scratch him, then I got involved with Lolita and started to sew everything for myself. I took him out time to time just to feast my eyes on his beauty. But today I decided that I might actually get him new boots and that super expensive wig that cost actually more then mine :D I still can't decide  should it be grey or white... So I'll start making an wonderful Gothic dandy boy outfit for him and then we'll see what wig and shoes will suit him best. 

Oh!! And there is an Event on Luts site. And the limited edition boy got my attention too... 

:3.... I don't know what it is with deer and me these days :D
Oh, he would be perfect pairing for my cold looking Haru...

P.S. As my track number shows, the Bodyline shoes I've ordered is already at the post office. I hope to receive next day :)


This is a pink I would wear...

Yes, this blooming garden tulle pinafore dress from Metamorphose has the perfect amount of pink fore me.  It's now going on my wish list together with vampire forest :3 I really never thought that I could wear pink in any forms. Except hosiery :D Well, what do you know ;) Oh, how I lust for a dress like that :p

Hide the pink in Black

I know it takes time and saving to get a branded print. I hope to get one next year. Till then I'll enjoy my Vampire requiem replica :3 Cant' wait to get it. It should reach me in the end of December or at least in the middle of January. I heard that sometimes it takes even six month. I hope it won't be the case. 


Usual day of mine

I've been working on some new projects. A cutsew  and a collar. The cutsew is kinda finished. It needs some more details, I think. The good thing with making your own outfit is that you can modify it during the time. So I'll try to wear it and see what is missing...
When I finish a piece I always make a photo because that way it is easier to see the whole view of it. I wouldn't post such photos on blog since they usually are erased. But this one made me lough a lot.  As I found out, I had a stalker in the back ground :D

Try to find a kitty in this photo :D
and yes, when I work the pieces of fabric is scatering all around :D
I'm wearing me new cutsew with white collar and cuffs and a white underskirt with lace trimming.

 I found those lace quite cheap and I could not decide on what skirt I wanted them to be. Then I thought " Why not make a underskirt with this  lace so I can wear it with any skirt I like". I love white lace peeking a little bit :) Everything else is my old stuff: high waist skirt and the shrug you saw a few posts ago. 
I find some interesting fabric that I took. 

I decided to try and make a JSK from it. I have an image of it in my head with dark blue bows, a white pearl chain and some more laces. It would be more classical Lolita but with darker accessories it would be a more aristocratic look ;) I hope I'll succeed.