Black in a winter

Just a quick post of my outfit and simple make up. Up to my friend's place to chat and do other girly stuff :)
 No glasses for today.

I almost always keep my hair in a bun before going out, so it would have nice curls :)

This skirt goes well with anything :D


Ready for the streets :)


New jewelry

I finally have some photos of my newest jewelry. Photos were made by my friend Yuki, so please, don't copy them. I love the final result. 

 "The Frost" choker

 "The pirate princess" choker

 "The fairy maiden" choker
 "The Birdy" pendant

 "The empty cage" pendant

 Earrings "Bewitched"

 Cyber goth girls cameo hair clips.

You can find them all on my Etsy page ;)


Old photos :D

Just for your fun, readers ;)

Baby Bat??? I guess I'm 18 here...
A self - portrait taken for my school graduating art exam.  

 Here too... Self - portrait :D The T - shirt was painted by me. It had a dark angel on it and words "Gothic angel ". Damn, I really loved that shirt.

Summer... two years ago. I look really strange in here. I do not recognize my self in here. I just got my bangs and the hair is so black. I miss that black color sometimes.

A local festival. You can see my beloved coffin bag :D I think I was only goth among metal heads :D At least that's how a long haired guy called me while passing by :D  "Goth..." he mumbled :D Well, thank you, sir.

 Ferrum Frost. A local one day festival. Next to me is my sister. She is six year younger then me and at the beginning of this summer I'm gonna be an aunt :D Damn, years goes by :D

And of course me in a local cemetery :D I'm 26 in this photo.
I found this sweeter on the charity shop. It became my number one thing to wear in any situation. It was worm, black and had cool detail. R.I.P to him. I had to dispose of him last year. 

 More photos next time ;)


Day look and hair coloring

I'm feeling well, at last. After three days of hell with fever I at last was able to put my New Rock one and hit the town. Me and my friend decided that it's a time for us to color our hair. So we met in the morning and when to do some shopping.

 Boots!! :D

 I'm wearing contact lenses. So I had to take this pendant with me :D It's kind of cute ;)

 The make up was not to intense. Using Scaredy cat production as always :)

 Just before leaving the home.

The shopping was successful. I've found the color I desired. I decided to go for red orange since I wanted to make my hair a little bit lighter. We shall see the true color after several washes ;) But I still like how it looks. So fresh, I would say.

I also bought some little peaces  for jewelry making.

I'll make simple spider web earrings from it, a pendant with cage and leafs and earrings with just leafs. The little bird on the bottom will be used as a little pendant for every day. It was to cute not to purchase it :) I'll show what I made latter ;)
I also got a new black eye liner with a super thin applicator :D It's easy to apply on and I hope it will stay all day long. Tomorrow is a day off to.So I'll probably will be going out to. You just can't stay at home having a new pair of boots sitting in the corner :D


New purchase: New Rock platform boots

Woohoo!!! I always was dreaming about getting a pair of New Rock boot, but they never were in my nearest future plans. Until yesterday. Yup, now  I got a pair. It was a big sale on our local internet shop and I decided to check it out just for curiosity. And I ended up ordering a pair of these beauties :D

Now they are proudly sitting in the corner and waiting for the show up. I'm quite sick at the moment, so they really cheers me up.
I never had anything from New Rock and I never had platform boots too. But damn, how comfortable they are!!! And I love how tall they make me :D I'm 181 cm while wearing them. 

I was never considering buying these ones. But now I'm glad I did. They have some nice details...

as little skulls on the outer sides..

 ...and web pattern inside. Such cute details makes girls happy :D Come on, you can't dislike the web patter inside the boots :D

 They are real leather boots so I hope they will serve me well for a long time. And you can really see the quality. The stitches and the sole are very good made. They have anti - slip pad, what is perfect for our winters :D The platform in the highest place reaches 11 cm. They are not the lightest boots but are much lighter then I though they would be. The zipper is on the inner side. It looks strong and saves time, because I hate lacing shoes.

I want to take them for a walk right now. But I'll have to wait a little bit and save them for the time I'll be feeling better. Running nose doesn't add fun to anything you do :)


Changing The look of an old wardrobe

Soooo, let's say you have a boring old wardrobe like I do. Let's say you are renting the flat and can't to remake the wardrobe completely... But you still want it to look more modern and more you. So, what to do??

 Here's the boring wardrobe.

And voila! Fun looking wardrobe. Don't mind the red stuff ;) So, all you have to do is just by desired wall paper and glue it to the bottom of the wardrobe. For me it was some poster I brought from work especially for this project. You can redecorate like that the entire inside of the wardrobe.
And not only wardrobe... Your cupboard looks boring. Use some wall paper too ;)

 Changes in progress... ;)

Changes are done:)

But this is not all changes for me. I've change the room I was living in. The first was the light one, had a balcony, white walls...but only three walls. The fourth wall was a big wardrobe... And yes, I had no door. After a month living like this I moved to a room with doors since the owner of the room has left it. It's more darker and it's a room for me. That light was killing me!!! I never thought it could happen, but it did. I became disgruntled. I tried to spend all my free time visiting my friend, cause I hated to come back to my place. It's absolutely different now. 

Here's my new room. The bat lamp was moved to the new room too :)  I have a full size mirror now, less old furniture and a wooden walls to pin my photos on. Not to mention the mosquito net. I'm still searching for a nice hanger for it and I'll try to make one, if I won't find a good one soon.


Put a ring on my finger...

I never was a big rings lover. I always loved to wear 1 or 3 of them. But 3 was the biggest number of rings I ever had. My most loved ring for today is my coffin ring I've made myself from an old silver ring. The stone felt of so I just took some polymer clay and made a coffin out of it. The coffin replaced the stone by covering whole socket and what I got was a super nice silver coffin ring. I love it. And wear almost every day (but not to work).

It's simple and nice.

The second ring I usually wear is a gift from parents when I was 16. It's a silver ring with nephrite and zirconium. I do like it a lot. My mom has a good taste in jewelry ;)

But the thing I always dreamed about and still am dreaming is a poison ring. Oh, how I love them. But I haven't found the one that would be THE ONE :D There is so many rings to choose from that I can't decide what I want. Of course it must be silver. I don't wear any other metal. I am a silver person :)
Here some I find very attractive.

Such a cutie. I love this Bat/Coffin ring. Sadly, it's not available for Lithuania... :(  I'd love to have the sapphire one or the ruby.

This old fashion red stone poison ring is also my type. You can wear solid perfume in it too ;P

Alchemy Gothic. It's just sad that they are from pewter. But I can't imagine the price if they were silver.

This one is super amazing.  The Celtic snake ring. But the price is amazing too... in a bad way. But the ring is non less gorgeous.

The unlock my heart ring. This one is not really my type. But it's so sweet. I would want that in silver. The key can be given to  an important person in your life ;)

I want mine to be dark but not to edgy, elegant but not to sweet. So, I'll just keep looking and you, my dear readers, just keep reading ;)