Growing back my hair....

It takes a lot of time

Last time I cut them they become this short. 

After more then a year (that is now) they are like this

and in black.

 Some how they don't wan to grow and I was even thinking about cutting them short. Just like a boy... But it was just a thought. I know, that as thin as they are I prefer this silly look of my thin hair then to hide their thinness in a short hairdo.

 At the moment I adore straight long hair with a bangs. I love it. But my hair just acts against me and refuse to grow. So I keep them in a bun almost all time. 

I'd love to color them in deep blue with little shades of black, in nice pastel green, maybe even in soft lavender. But I don't think they could handle the bleaching... 
At least I hope they'll grown a little bit till summer. 
Till then I decided to just forget about them. The more I seem to worry about them, the less they grow...

I have another person at home I can experiment on. I tried dark red and dark vine colors on my bf. But after I saw his photo from very young days where he is blond I insisted him to become blond again. Muahahaaa...   
Well, I like blond guys.... :D

Soooooo... it will be second time of lightening his current color. The red is not that easy to get rid off. After the second time there will be no turning back... If it won't work, will do it again and again until I'll have my Tomoe kun!!! Oh, sorry ..:D

P.S. I noticed that a hot water is not the best for my hair. I like to take a quite hot shower and usually it's to hot for my hair.  So now I take a time to make it lukewarm before I start washing the hair. And my hair has improved :)


New bjd outfi: Gothic Lolita inspired

After a few days I already have a full outfit for her and my friend Yuki gave a wonderful wig she had to spare. The color fist her perfectly.

She still has no face up and the body is  not blushed jet. I love her face mold. She has no need for a heavy make up just a natural one. I am a little afraid to attend my first face up but also very exited.

It took  whole day to make her a Lolita inspired outfit. I started at noon and finished by midnight :D  I won't lie, I would like a dress like that myself :D The outfit has all the details:
  • blouse
  • corset skirt
  • petticoat
  • bloomers
  • hairband
  • cuffs
  • purse
  • lace choker
I'm not planing to stop. I hope practicing make outfits for my doll will inspire me to create a whole one for myself :) I'm starting to get a grip on clothes construction :)

Both of me dolls in their fanciest outfits :D


New bjd arrival: ResinSoul Ai

So, I finally got my second BJD. I' am so happy with her. She looks wonderful. It's just what I wanted.

I ordered Resin Soul Ai a moth and a half ago. Usually they are shipped after a month But I placed order near Chinese new year so my order took a little bit longer. But the shipping was super fast. It took only two days to ship her  from Hong Kong to Lithuania.

The box had all needed papers outside so there was no problems with custom :) And that is a big plus. 

 It came in a usual simple brown box. There was no brand box but   instead i found  a brand cappuccino color doll carrier. The color is actually how it looks.

Inside wrapped in a golden soft blanket was my doll.

She came with her horns and a two set of eyes (green and brown ) The horns itself a huge. Actually even I could use them :D

She is nicely thin and and even looks fragile. The hands are really delicate looking and slim.

First thing I wanted to test those hooved legs. She stands really well. You need to take a little time to balance here in a deer bent leg position but she manage to stand like that really nice. I wonder why I never saw photos of her in this position. So I kinda gabled on it. And I love that she actually can pool it off. I really am :D

I already made a whole outfit for her but I'll keep that for the next post. You'll have to bear with this bjd flood a little bit ;) Because am too happy not to brag about her :D


New necklaces of a Bat Bow

So, I'm on vacations now so I decided to spend some time on renewing mu Etsy shop. Here's some new pieces. These are lovely charming bats bow. I find them cute with that little touch of dark aesthetic :)

And here's a little piece with no bats just a little stitched heart trapped in a cage.

I have many more ideas but I must waist for my supplies to arrive. I know this vacations will pas on a blink of an eye. All of them do. Half of the day I spend in my pajamas. It's still cold and snows outside and I'm so sick of it :D But there is a lot of events this month such as my sister birthday and BJD community meeting. The hostess lives in the same building two floors away from me :D

So all in all I'll be  trying to spend my time making new jewelry and things for my doll and doing things my working hours would not allow to :)


Coord post: Black and wine

So, I usually like to work with two colors. On of them of course is black :D  I Find dark red or wine color to be one of my favorite. So I can easily pick matching accessories for my skirt which is usually the item that gets to be other color then black in my coords :) I always look for little details that would match the color of the skirts I have. If it's a hand made one, I always try to leave some fabric for a matching bow or cuffs or anything else that would give a nice touch to an outfit. 

So, the pieces I wear:
  • Demonia heels (they give more mature look that ones from Bodyline so I like to switch time to time).
  • Off brand velvet skirt. Bought second handed And was trimmed with black lace and a ribbon.
  • Pirate jacket - Fan plus Friend bought from a fellow Lolita on EGL sales.
  • Off brand shirt (Ebay)
  • Alchemy Gothic pendant. I'm second owner.
  • Hair: Flower pin (Ebay) and hand made bow clip.
  • Purse second handed. I love to hunt for purses :D

 I like this jacket a lot :) It's quite wide open, so all the laces can be seen :) 

It's funny, but when my closet was all just average Gothic I had a hard time to dress for the occasions like weddings or grand birthdays of my siblings. Now it's easy  :D I won't look too dramatic but still be able to dress elegant and dark. But after all I find that it's hard to stick just to one or two styles. Sometimes I even feel like going cyber :D Lucky for my I can DIY most of the stuff so no big traumas to my wallet. But it still get hurts time to time :D Lolita hurt it the most thought :D I just cant to resist all those beautiful frill and they are way more difficult to DIY ;) Even if I could easily make Lolita JSK, sometime it's nice to have something made buy someone else.


Cuffs from a Bodyline ribbon to match your dress

I have two Bodyline JSK and both of them have super big attachable bows. They were way to big  for me to wear since I found them to look really childish :(  I looked like a cartoon character with in on the head or on the blouse. So I decided to remake one of them  in to something more wearable. I choose the "Sweet Jewelry" bow  to unripe  first.

So, that's how it looked.

 I ironed it and cut the longer peace in half since I wantedd to go for a cuffs. I had two pink ribbons I took from the JSK before, so I decided to use them too as a decoration details.

 First I sew up both sides of the divided big ribbon. The base for cuffs was ready.

 Second, I folded the top for laces to touch the print and sewed it so it would stay that way. In my opinion it looks nice and the cuff are not so long anymore.

I decide to make closure from Velcro tape. There was not enough fabric to sew the Velcro on the cuffs. So I cot a black wide ribbon and sewed it on the side of the cuff and then sewed the one part of Velcro on it. The other side that goes over was sewed on the cuff itself. So it nicely  covered the ribbon and there was just enough fabric to cover my wrists.

So, here they are :D My new cuffs!

 So here they are :D
 I hot glued the pink ribbons, then add the web charms and some black/ white beads. The decoration is up to you. Do it as your heart finds it pleasant.

As for the smaller part of the ribbon... It was turned into a cute small ribbon just perfect to wear on a blouse or as a hair bow :3

As you can see I just folded it and sewed the folded place to keep it like that.

That flipped it and folded to look like a double ribbon. I pined the edges to keep them in place and then juts gathered the it in the middle just as making a simple ribbon. I used the old center part of the ribbon to finish it and also sewed back the pin.
 The explanation of the little ribbon is a little bit messy. I hope you'll get the idea. I had no plan for it when I started.  I'm just lucky it turned out well :D

 The result

So now instead of a monstrous ribbon I wave  a cute little one and two lovely cuffs to match my JSK ;)
I hope this tutorial will be useful not only for Bodyline lovers :)

More DIY??

So, the spring is on the doorstep :) Finally. I can't wait to send my coat back home :D And to start wearing all those pretty skirts I have. Not only that, but to make even more of them. I also decided to post more DIY post because I myself really enjoy reading others bloggers DIY posts. There is so many wonderful ways to pimp you clothes, accessories and house ware to be more interesting and more personalized :) I got many new ideas during the winter :)