Gothic jewelry from Deadly Cherries

A few new works, as I promised ;) Now, when the weather is so nice I just keep making those. Already out of charms :) I'll have to do a little shopping for beads and charms latter.


When demons drink tea

So, I found pictures of the photo shoot with our boys me and my friend Yuki ( check her DevianArt, it's realty worth it!!!!) did last summer. We decided that we want to make a themed one and since I was making horns for my doll at that time, we decided to go for mystic creatures. It took quite long for us to find a quiet spot with no strangers to stalk upon our mission. And we found one under the bridge. It wasn't that easy to get there with all our dolls and equipment :) But it was worth it. The place was just perfect for our Demon Tea Party.

 So we started to prepare our dolls and that's when I found out that I left my dolls horns at Yuki place. Oh, well, I had to improvise so I made his wig to have "hair horns" and attached bat wings to his vest. So he became gargoyle. Still a mystic  creature :D

  So here's the party itself :)

 The cake our demons are having is a real... It's a shortcake from a local store. It was just perfect :D

 The dolls on the left and right belongs to Yuki

 My darling thinking if he had enough sugar :)

 The day was hot... not only for us.
 At the end I wasn't completely happy of how my doll looked since the image I had for him at first was a little different. The horns that decided to stay home made me change my plans.But the photo shoot it self was fun and I can't wait to have one this summer :3 Haru looked like an innocent young demon instead of fearsome one I wanted. But you know, you can't tell the doll how he should look :D



Day outfit and some more

It was warm weather outside, so we decided to take a walk. Maybe wearing just a denim jacket wasn't such a good idea. It was quite windy and someone seems to cough a cold. But here's some photos of my outfit. Our cat looks so big now. The spring is making her crazy. 
Skirt is hand made by me and it gives all the elegance to the outfit. I like that bright  red and black combination :) I'm wearing a simple cardigan and a black denim jacket. I know the scarf is not the best solution but it was windy and I'm kinda addicted to them at the moment :) I wanted to pull something more sweet but still Gothic and not so childish as most of Lolita are.

I notice that many bloggers are leaving their blogs. They stop writing or post really rare. And I feel the same sometimes. Like there's not much to say and just posting pictures is... Well, I got tumblr for that :D I promise to myself to make interesting post and then somehow it ends with that. I try to remember what I like about other blogs. Yes, it's usually outfits, DIY stuff and photos. But I feel strange leaving so many info on the internet about me. I don't post much info on Facebook anymore. I rarely use it. It's getting boring there and I see no point in pushing "likes" and sharing links :) I like the free flow of tumblr. I signed there for photos since it's really easy to post and heart the post you like so you could find them later. I'm following some Lolita  threads and some Gothic ones. I guess I need new inspiration. :) I should change the look of this blog too :)

P.S. I made the Bat Berry... ;)


Elegant Enchanted dear horns/antlers headbands

The spring is finally here. It's lovely weather outside and I do enjoy it. I missed the blooming season so much you can see it in my newest works that can be found at my Etsy shop :)

 Yes, pink is not the color I usually work with ;)

 This one is made to order. The pink on is the newest one and is in stock.

This one was ordered to be made. It will be sent as soon as I'll get the payment.


Bitter sweet strawberry jewelry to match an outfit

I admit I like sweet and cute looking stuff. Maybe that's why I'm fond of Lolita style since it's so cute. I love sweet prints. Most of them are way to sweet for me to have them, but I like them non less. They are cute!!! And if someday I'll have a daughter, that's how I'll dress her till she be able to choose her own style. I have one sweet print in my wardrobe. It's Jewelry Love from Bodyline in black colorway. The other one I was looking at for quite  long time was Chockoberry skirt ( in black colorway of course :D ).

Oh, those strawberries enchanted me!!!

After debating with myself I ordered it. It jet to come but I thought that it would be nice to start thinking about coord. It's not that hard, because I know I'll match it with black blouse and black cardigan or jacket. Then I thought that it would be nice to have a strawberry jewelry to match the skirt theme itself. I didn't wanted it to be childish as most of those sweet accessories are. And I wanted it to be more bitter sweet.  So I made a quick sketch at work. 

I'm not best at drawing :)

And on my day off I started to work on it. And here it is finished! The original had to be with a antique silver strawberry on the cameo. But I decided to try it with Polymer clay too, since I don't have any strawberry charm by at the moment.

I added white beads to match the white dots on the skirt.

 I decided to make a matching earrings too

I'm quite happy with it. I think it will add enough stawberriness to mu outfit and will go well with any other outfit that need some red in it :) I listed in my shop as item to order to. In case someone will find it nice looking too ;)

And since I'm obsessed with strawberries I'm making this one too :D 

A Batberry :D


New jewelry from Deadly Cherries

I ordered some details almost a month ago and finally they all reached me. I had a two days off so I started to carry out some of my jewelry projects I had in mind. I wanted something really Gothic and elegant.  I used antique silver details for these beauties, blood red drop beads and cameos I created myself. You can find them listed at my Etsy shop. I hope you'll like them. I was making them till my fingers got hurt. But it was a real pleasure. 

 Pentagram. Was one of my most favorite pendants in my early years. I had the simple one, because it's actually was hard to find a pentagram when I was 15 :D in my town. And there only was a few shops in capital that sold something like that. I'd love to travel back time  and leave myself such present on the pillow :)

 This ornamented bat is the main detail of these pieces. I'm a little bit tired of solid bats going around and this one looked something refreshing but still bat enough :D

This one is my favorite. I ordered these roses and they looked not like the color I wanted. They had to be deep red and not smoky purple. But when I combined it with light purple beads I was pleasantly surprised how nice it matched :3

Little tea party set. I was thinking about drinking tea in a rose garden while creating it. I imagined a peaceful evening of summer, siting outside, waiting for  nightfall slowly to cover everything around till the point where the stars and moon replace the light of the sun rays. It would be still warm but cool at the same time. The noises of the day would slowly fade and the silence of the night would embrace me.
It's hard to explained the feeling, but for me my  creations are like little stories. They evolved a little by little till they get they physical bodies.

Thank you for reading ;)

Gothically Yours


Thought on making my own Lolita inspired designs

Soooo... I'm thinking about selling my black Bodyline JSK.

I just don't like how high the waist line is. It doesn't feel comfortable... And now that I know how the size feels I guess it's better to buy a bigger one and just take the fabric in. The skirt part of JSK will be longer itself as well as the main body. 
I'm keeping my "Sweet jewelry" since the JSK out of stock and I like the print. I'm thinking of transforming it to a high waist skirt since it looks good when I pull it on my natural waist line. It even won't bee a lot of work.Just a little bit of ripping and sewing again. I'll also make the waist ties removable. They do not look good under a jacket... The suspenders will probably will be transformed into another pair of cuffs or something else to match the skirt.

I'll order few skirts I like from Bodyline to see if they work for me. I also saw a girl making a dresses out of two skirts and they looked even better then dresses of the same print Bodyline has. There is always an option of making stuff myself. And buying two skirts is a perfect way in getting the print you like and making a dress that works for you. 
You can find fine fabric choice on Etsy. It's a paradise for handy sweet Lolitas. Not so good for Gothic ones thought... But bitter sweet can be an option.
Not to mention, you can reconstruct a skirt from a second hand shop.
I made this blue skirt out of a maxi skirt I found on second hand shop. I was into floral motifs at that time and blue associates with Mana Sama and his Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance  :D Well, this piece is far away from that, but I still like it. The blue is not the color I wear often, but it nice to have changes time to time. Sorry for the blurry pictures. What I learned? That this skirt needs "A" shape petticoat. I don't think the "bell" shape works. At least I don't like the puffy top.

Remember my little bjd girl??? Well, I made her skirt from the leftovers of the same fabric. So we can match now :D I just could not resist to do that :D 


Mini gardens for max satisfaction or paradise in a pot.

Winter... We had more snow on ester then on Christmas day... I hate how long it takes. I find myself crawling for some colors. Not on me, but around me. In the end of winter I always start to dream about garden and how wonderful it would be to have my own little green land, where I could grow all those spices I like like basil, dills, mint, oregano and so on.... Sometimes those projects lasts sometimes fails.
I've already wrote about moss terrariums I have created some time ago. I remember how fun it was.

You can check them again in here.

This time I found a new similar project - a miniature garden. Take a look at some of those beauties.

Link (it's in Russian, but I'm sure the translator will help )

Aren't they wonderful. I like to make things that requests all of my other skills. And I love making miniatures. of course some nice furniture of 1/12 scale can be find at shop but little mushrooms, statues and pots can be made using clay as well as little tombstones....

You can make a Gothic garden or a Victorian fairy paradise :D Doesn't it sound fun??? Here's an article about miniature gardens. Check it out. And I'm off to plan my own garden. Tell me what you thing about this idea and would you be interested in me making tutorials on  how to make some of the miniatures? Let me know;)

Gothically yours,

Countess Audronasha