Flower pot DIY when you need one but all you got are tin cans :)

I was making new area at my home and  spontaneously got some plants. But I had no flower pot for them. I tried to place them in mugs but it didn't looked right. There were few coffee cans at home and I decided to use them. Everything turned out quite nice and I'm planing to make a matching one for a smaller plant. There is a half fool corns can in a fringe that is waiting for its transformation. This is a really fast way to decorate your home with no expenses. You can change it after a time when you are bored of the look and what something new. . It looks nice, And I can change it the same way to another color or add more matching flower pots just by using cans from corns beans or anything else :) Here's a simple tutorial for you. 

 All you need is a can scissors, glue stick, packing tape (transparent) and some firm packing paper.

 Measure it so it would have enough height to cover the can. The length should be just enough to wrap it around plus  4 cm more.

 Glue one end with packing tape to the can.

 Than wrap it around, fold the edge in a little bit and glue it with glue stick.

Check you pattern. I managed to glue it upside down at first :D

 For decorating it I took a hand made cameo I had....

 ... passed a black ribbon through it and wrapped it around.


 I secured the back with the transparent tape, so the ribbons would not move.


Let me know if you'll use it :)


Midnight Gypsy Alchemy perfume oils review

It's not a first time that I'm buying perfume oils from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy. I love the scent and package and the seller is a really nice one to deal with. I was looking for a cherry and chocolate perfume for quite a time now and was really glad to hear that MGA has such scent as a St.Valentine scent which is sold only on February. Here's the description of it :) 

LOVE ALCHEMY-A hypnotic potion of natural cherry and almond extract, cocoa absolute, essentials oils in sweet patchouli, lavender and chamomile blended with hand ground cardamom, chai tea, patchouli leaves and infused with real cherries.

 Luckily the owner offered to make it for me and I ordered a big butte plus dusting powder of this scent. I was told it should be ready to ship on August 1, but the date passed and I got no messages so I contacted seller on August 9 to ask how it's going on. She was making it special for me so I was OK with delay. I got an answer that it's ready to ship. So I was waiting happily for the message to appear in my email, that "your package has been shipped". But it didn't. I checked my Etsy account and saw that it's marked as shipped. The seller just did't send me notification but that was really not so important. But something inside still got annoyed. Just a little bit. All others purchase from MGA wear perfect. I buy, wait for a it to be shipped ( and it's always shipped on the term), get the package, open it and enjoy the heaven of scents :) This time there was some kind of interference. The Midnight Gypsy Alchemy perfume oils works as antidepressants for me. The bottle, the scent, the consistency of the  oils. It's like magic potions to me. And I use them as ones :D I love them. So I chased my unhappy thought away and happily waited for it to arrive. And it did.

Nice and dark package as always :)

 Inside was a box with a oil bottle in it and dusting powder which is quite big :)

 I newer used one. The consistence is like flour and it's doesn't get out so easy. I must first spread some on my palm and then rub it on my skin. The scent is nice thought. A little bit lighter then actual perfume but I really like it. And after reading more about it I think I'll be using it a lot. But I would rather like it to be in a flat container with a small dusting puff for a more easy use :) 

The bottle... So here's where the disappointment started. I noticed that the bottle wasn't full and it all was all slippery and covered in oil itself.

It must have leaked. It was a smelly mess. When I tried to opened it more stuff came out from the cap and there was oil on my hands and on the bottle. So I tried to rub it on my skin. The smell was fantastic and I didn't want to lose a drop. And I was already loosing it!!!

 Also I saw something that looked like not fused oils. "Season of the witch" had something like that but not in such big amount. But well, I just shacked it well and it was gone. But the cap got full of the oil somehow and it spilled on my hand again when I tried to open and smell it :( And it does that every time. So I lose quite a big amount of oil every time I try to open it. I'll have to find some other bottle to keep it or it will be empty in two week :( And I love this sugary Cherry spicy cacao smell. But it doesn't like me I guess. I wont' be opening it till I fount another container for it. I'm already all covered in it as well as things around me since I rubbed it on other things for not to waist the smell. The jewelry box, scarf, clothes.. :D 

I noticed that  consistence was strange. It was more watery then oily. And not as clear as my other perfume oils from MGA. Here's all three bottles.

 Season of the witch is the oldest. I use it quite lot ( for two months already) and there is more of it in a bottle then in the freshly arrived one.

 Here's the backs of it.

I hope it was some kind of one time misfortune and the consistence of "Love Alchemy" is the same as those two. And that this liquid was a karma thing :D I'm not gonna stop buying. I'll order again and even order "Love Alchemy" but maybe when it will be sold during it's season :) ( the smell is soooooooo good!!! <3). And I heard new Fall scents are gonna be out soon and I'm sure I'm gonna love it.
 I hope this won't repeat to me. I guess it's the bottles fault or the consistence of this oil. It just fills the cap and stays there. And that means it must stand all the time and cannot be carried in a purse. Maybe the bottle was defective after all. At least I smell like a most tasty spicy cherry dark chocolate pie. I'll keep the oily box in an organza bag and hang it in my wardrobe.

About the scent itself:

The first thing that hits to me is sugary almonds with a fresh cherry. That almonds in caramel coating scent with fruity note is wonderful. The sweetness itself is restrained with spices like cardamon and more tough patchouli and soften with chamomile and lavender  Later cacao absolute breaks its way out and stays with you till the end with sparkles of chai tea.

So when the season of Love comes I do recommend to check it out. This is a love scent for a darker souls ;)
And my favorite for now.

What is your favorite scent to wear ? ;)

Thanks for reading :)


Little secrets

This post was sitting in a draft post for  some time. I decided to at least share the video it had. I'm not ready for more honesty jet.

Lately I start to  notice how much we are brainwashed by commercials and society when it comes to a woman image. It's like a big program that is being constantly installed. Be sexy and attractive. Ant at the same moment they give the point of what sexy and attractive is. And I think we all unconsciously or not are following it. 
It is a good video. I recommend to watch it. And that is totally true. Some how we always think bad about our self. And it makes me sad when I know how fucking beautiful  people that are close to me are. And  I know that some of them does't feel like that. And sorry if you already saw it :)


Watch it ;) And let it sink :)


Hands that dug the grave

I'm turning my boy's (my ball jointed doll)body into vampires body. The only thing I had to work was his hands. The rest of the body is still unchanged because I find blushing not such a nice thing because it's starts to chip off sooner or later and you must redo it time to time :( So I'm thinking on blushing just a chest, so I could take those half naked photos of my future vampire. Yes, this body will belong to other doll ( or head if you can say it).  I'm buying Haru ( my dolls name) a bigger body from Loongsoul (72 cm tall). I always pictured him at least 22 years old and with such big head on current body (63 cm tall)  he looks quite young. I was thinking about selling the old body but then it perfectly matched the head I got not so long ago and I decided to keep it. So My main goal is to get that new body for him so my Vampire could get his body :D

I thinking about getting him hands with long nails latter. But instead of buying, I'll try to modify these. But for now dark nails are enough. I wanted to look like he's digging himself out of his grave every night :D

HARU. Studying secrets of dark arts.
 Name  means spring in Japanese, because I got him in spring :)
He is and will continue being my demon - alchemist. So his new body will probably get long nailed hands to :>


On my way to work

Hot hot hot... It's hot outside and a friend of a friend told me that the heat will stay during the autumn, so there will be no autumn. I hope not, since it's my favorite season. I love rainy gloomy autumn and it could be like that for all year,.. I heard England is something like that :D Maybe I should move.

I started at my new work place a week ago and I'm so happy. Everything is just perfect and I go to work with a smile. The only problem was that all my clothes are actually black or Lolita style with cute fabrics and lace. And I don't think it's good to show your ego on first month of work. So I got some neutral tones blouses and tried to work them in with a knee length linen skirt I have. The others dress quite bright and my position  includes communicating with people so  I didn't wanted to look out of whole view.
But the only bright colored blouses I liked was olive green and white one with grey vertical stripes.

I got myself new shoes that I love. They are plane Mary James but has more rough pad. They are soft to walk non slippery and makes no sound while I walk (I hate when shoes actually make that sound).
Work schedule  allows me to have plenty of time for my own project and to take care of my shop. The only bad thing is that lately a lot of my packaged got lost and that really annoys. There is idea for a new horns so I still have plenty of work to do :)


Deadly cherries: Goth Rosary

I find myself very fond of rosaries. I think they are lovely idea, creation, a tool for a prayer. The are many rosaries or prayer beads as they are cold as well. I usually end up not wearing them since they associates with religion to much and something inside keeps me away from wearing them as simple jewelry. But I still find the composition very beautiful. That's why I created my own rosaries. They are jewelry that was inspired by rosaries and are non less lovely.

You can find them at my shop  Deadly Cherries on Etsy ;)

"Old Ones"

"The God of Blood"

I'm really happy how they look. They are perfect to compliment a simple black outfit when you want to enchant your self in black robes and have one but strong accent in your whole look...
... or add it to your other lovely pieces to create that lovely dangling mess of accessories ;)

Thanks for taking a look :)