Winter, boots and raw food

Winter finally strikes. It was quite warm for a winter till last week, when the cold weather came back and now it's -16 Celsius. Not that cold but still... I already had hopes it will be a winter with no snow. But, oh well...At least I have my warm coat and a hat that keeps my head safe from the stingy weather. Do you spot my new boots? The brand is DEMONIA.  The shop had a good discount for the last pair that was of my size, so I bought them. They are really comfortable, but I'm afraid they won't last long since it's a artificial leather. I'm thinking about saving money for another pair of New Rocks that would be flat. I know they are worth the money they cost. So New Rock boots and another piece of Alchemy Gothic jewelry is on my list of  things I want in 2014 :D. 
 Off to work.

Other things on my list is get more raw food in my everyday meals. I'm doing quite well, I'd say. I don't use any mayo or other sauces from the shop. Instead I blend avocado or cashew with garlic and herbs I have.
My favorite at the moment is green pea and carrot salads.

I use cashew "mayo" and add leek. Today I also  blended banana with cacao, few cashew nuts, a piece of avocado and added some sesames on top. It was really tasty. It was a little hard at first since I struggled with the ideas what to have for lunch at work. Winter is not the best time to start raw diet since all veggies and fruits become  quite expensive:D But I really do feel great. No more heave feeling after meals and that is great.


Happy New Years everyone!!!

 Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope you great them in your best mood. Me and my mate went to an alternative club to celebrate. There was an event called "Dance Macabre Masquerade". Few band supposed to play at this event but at the last moment they were called of because one of the member got injured and went to hospital... I still wonder why both band got canceled instead of one. All that left were DJ's. But we decided to attend it anyway. The music range was elector/industrial/synthpop/EBM. I'm not a big fan of those style but we decide to spend our time have fun and we did it :) We danced like crazy! Let's not forget the outfits. We did our best I think to keep the dress code "dress to impress" :D Here is couple of photos... and it was taken after we came back from the party, so have that in mind :D

We finally could wear those horns I ordered a year ago. We didn't stayed to long. Just enough for as to have fun :) electro and synth genders of music seem little bit boring to me. Some good old school would have made us to stay for longer :D I do like nice industrial metal  bands though...
So, the last year went gone now and lets great the 2014!!!!