Back to life

Hello my darlings.
I want to thank you all for support you showed. You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to find your comments telling me that it will be ok. I cant' thank you enough, but, THANK YOU!!!
It's one thing to know and to hope that it will be ok. But it's really nice to hear it from some one else... I kept silent about this situation of my and didn't let my family to find it out.  I didn't want to look weak or "not looking realistic at things". But these were time when everything blurred out and there was no good or right... just terrible. I still get "sad"...lets call it "sad"... But it's easier to get back to reality now.
I changed my look...I cut my hair... I got my normal eating habits back... I started interact more... And even started taking zumba fitness classes...
Maybe because it's spring and the nature itself is all magical... maybe because enough time has passed and wounds are starting to heal... I'm just catching up with myself. Meeting old friend helps a lot.

So, I'm kinda back :)