Cuffs from a Bodyline ribbon to match your dress

I have two Bodyline JSK and both of them have super big attachable bows. They were way to big  for me to wear since I found them to look really childish :(  I looked like a cartoon character with in on the head or on the blouse. So I decided to remake one of them  in to something more wearable. I choose the "Sweet Jewelry" bow  to unripe  first.

So, that's how it looked.

 I ironed it and cut the longer peace in half since I wantedd to go for a cuffs. I had two pink ribbons I took from the JSK before, so I decided to use them too as a decoration details.

 First I sew up both sides of the divided big ribbon. The base for cuffs was ready.

 Second, I folded the top for laces to touch the print and sewed it so it would stay that way. In my opinion it looks nice and the cuff are not so long anymore.

I decide to make closure from Velcro tape. There was not enough fabric to sew the Velcro on the cuffs. So I cot a black wide ribbon and sewed it on the side of the cuff and then sewed the one part of Velcro on it. The other side that goes over was sewed on the cuff itself. So it nicely  covered the ribbon and there was just enough fabric to cover my wrists.

So, here they are :D My new cuffs!

 So here they are :D
 I hot glued the pink ribbons, then add the web charms and some black/ white beads. The decoration is up to you. Do it as your heart finds it pleasant.

As for the smaller part of the ribbon... It was turned into a cute small ribbon just perfect to wear on a blouse or as a hair bow :3

As you can see I just folded it and sewed the folded place to keep it like that.

That flipped it and folded to look like a double ribbon. I pined the edges to keep them in place and then juts gathered the it in the middle just as making a simple ribbon. I used the old center part of the ribbon to finish it and also sewed back the pin.
 The explanation of the little ribbon is a little bit messy. I hope you'll get the idea. I had no plan for it when I started.  I'm just lucky it turned out well :D

 The result

So now instead of a monstrous ribbon I wave  a cute little one and two lovely cuffs to match my JSK ;)
I hope this tutorial will be useful not only for Bodyline lovers :)


  1. Oh the cuffs are beautiful!! I wear a lot of cuffs, its a perfect way to use nice little scraps, pieces of laces and other stuff.

    1. I usually don't wear them. But it looks great with Lolita so I decided it would be perfect to get some matching cuffs by not spending money on them :D

  2. These are really pretty, and I love the way you took something that didn't work and turned it into a nice, new thing <3

    Also, I was wondering what on earth I could make with little bits of left-over fabric, well, cuffs, of course :)

  3. Thank you :) I'm not a big fan of cuffs, but I guess I'll start wearing them. They are just to fun to make :D

  4. Woow it looks really good :) ♥

  5. These look so cute! You're really crafty :D

    1. Thank you :) I really like transforming things into something else. It's my kind of alchemy :D

  6. Again super cute. I love the spider charms.

    1. Thanks. Now I think I need black cuffs for more often use :D Since the only pink I have is the same Bodyline JSK.