Serpents you can carry around

I was working on these adorable pendants whole last week :)
It started, when I got a custom order for a pendant including snakes. I decided to practice them and the idea if more simple pendants of curled snakes came into my mind.

They are made out of polymer clay and  are really light. I paint them with silver paint to make them more realistic. 

Look at this sweet little fella ❤❤❤😙
They will be curling on your chest all the time.

They all are available at my shop www.etsy.com/shop/deadlycherries. So don't be shy and take a look ;)


  1. They are really nice. I once tried making one but polymer clay just doesn't seem to be my medium.
    BTW, I got the Liebster award and now I'm passing it to you!
    It's a Q/A type of thing where we learn more about each other. If you'd like to participate, follow my link to see the rules and questions I have prepared for you.
    Hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays!

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