Moss terarrium

I've been checking this "Moss terrarium" project for a long time and finally decided to do it. It was super simple and came really nice. The hardest part was to pick moss. But it was easy so there is no hard parts :) I made tree of them. It was hard to stop creating those mini worlds :) But I was out of jars... Here they are.

 Snake and mushrooms are made from polymer clay. Mushrooms have a pins on the end to stick them into moss.

 Red mushrooms look really good on this super green moss. Use your imagination to decorate the jar. 

 The moss I picked was really dry so I put it in a water for few min. to make it softer.

It was such a fun project :)

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  1. These are SO adorable. I was just noticing a little spot in my office that needs "something" - now I think you've provided the answer!! :)