Sunbathing... in a goth way

I had a free day last Friday, so we (I, my friend, and  boyfriend) decided to go and have some fun by the lake. The weather was cool but warm enough for as to swim. It's the last days if summer so we try to spend them doing all fun that can be only aloud in summer. Sunbathing is one of them... So just don't laugh. This is how we do it. 
We were just after a good swim and were pleasantly exhausted. The summer breeze was so  nice and soft... And then, just lying like that, while everybody was in a swim suit it hit me... Come on, we are doing it in a goth way.  We WERE enjoying the sun. Really.

Just enjoying it..
 The idea comes to me...and we lough about it. What a cliche:D

 Posing posing... 

 We rocked that day. Mmmm... I'd love to have a summer house by the lake. Maybe I will in the future :)

P.S. New cozy is already on  Etsy.


Day outfit and brands

I thought that I haven't posted an outfit post for a while. It's just I have no time between work and my free time to take photos of how I look. I might sound strange, but its true. And my mobile phone is not good enough to use it as a camera...  However I found some time before going to work. I almost got late because of it :D So this is my casual look before work. I must wear an uniform at work and no heavy make up. But I usually bring my black eye line to work to pimp my look after work before going home...

The top I'm wearing is from "Punk Rave". And I love it.
  The bag is from second hand shop, but it was absolutely new. It costed 6 dollars.

 It's perfect for every day. It's big, black and has a studs and skull :D I hate ordinary bags. i carry this one even if I look absolutely plane. That happens sometimes...
 I like the collar it has. It's big, warm and makes me look like some kind of industrial punk queen.

Well, I know that there are a lot of talks if you should by a branded stuff or not. If the garment is good and the price is suitable for me why not?? Of course there is a chance that you'll meet someone wearing it too... :) I don't vote for look created only by using branded stuff since it has no individuality in it. And individuality is a big thing for me when I choose how to look. But hey, one or two good branded peaces in your closet won't do you any harm... ;) Just were that with smart and don't show all you closet on one going out :) I usually don't find it attractive when younger goths puts everything they got on them don't even bothering to find some aesthetic in the way they wear clothes. 
And for me... I'm totally DIY person. :D And I only buy things, I can't make myself :D


Projects: make up stuff and coffee cozy

I have finally finished my make up organizer ... Just some more tuches and it will be posted on Etsy.

 Lovely polumer clay heart cameo. The mold of it is hand maded by me.

 Little spaces for your shadows, brushes and powders...

I also started a new coffee cozy.

 It has a cute bat on it, that is spreading his wings and is ready for a hunt of fresh blood. It's gonna look really nice when I'll finish it :)
I'd like to hear your opinion about them :) So please, do not hesitate to tell it ;)
Question inspired by The Green Fairy (thank you):
What color or patern you would like them to be??

Autumn and new projects

What a wonderful day it is!!!!! My precious sewing machine has been finally fixed :D It's a joyful day for me and for all those projects I've been keeping in my note book. There is so much things I need to make like some new Gothic Lolita ties, some Victorian looking cuffs, a beautiful laced jabot, steam punk goggles and so on... :D :D I want more gracious laced stuff for my autumn look and a long black skirt. Mmmm...

                                                                 I want one like this :)

We are going to make some tea parties with my friend. Just me, she and her beautiful BJD :) I hope the weather will be good for us:P

                                                     I must make a beautiful top hat for it :P

And to make a tiered plate for cup cakes :)

I just love love LOOVE autumn. It makes me go wild and the best thing that after a long period of time I'll great him with a red colored hair again. We both we'll be burning in passion red while the nature will be preparing for her long deep sleep. Owww... :)
And of course, it all will be featured in here. So keep coming :)

Gothically yours.....
                  The Countess


Crazzy cupcakes

Some days ago I have spotted these bad ass cupcakes, that looked really wicked. They were grean tea cupcakes. And who could know that the powdered green tea would give them such an amazing color. I saw them on Cut out and keep. The ones I loved the most were by Pixie Havoc.

Photo by Pixie.
The idea to add color to the frosting is great itself. So, the same minute I saw them, I thought "Halloween" :) It's never to late to pripear for one. And I never had a real Halloween party since it's a foreign celebration and it's not verry popular in here... But this year I want to bake some spooky food, so these green beauties would be a perfect zombie cupcakes. I'm thinking about adding some sugar bones and skulls to them. Some stiches or painted sugar eye balls :D

I'm making some of those greenies soon. Just to try them;)


Who flatten that little girl??

That flatten little girl is a new book mark of mine. I just love it. I was inspired by Zombiella x. book mark project on Cut out and keep. You can find tutorial there.

 I decided that mine stockings patern will be dots. I wanted to keep red Lolita shoes, but I didn't wanted it to look the same as the original project. I like how the pattern came

 It looks fun :)

Poor little girl :)

It can be a perfect photo holder too :) Try this project :) It doesn't take a lot of time but the result will satisfy you every time you'll be making a break while reading ;)


New projects and one unfinished beauty

So this is my unfinished beauty - for make up keeping gothically and beautifully :)
There are some details to be add and it will be finished soon.

 I have one in my bathroom already. Since I enjoy using it so much, I decided to make one for Etsy too :)

More photos here.
 This is mine. It looks good, looks fun and is really cute not to mention useful :)

And about the new stuff... Here is some phone charms I made. Inspiration came from lilies. They are such a beautiful and pure flowers.
You can find more pics on my Etsy shop.

Three white lilies and clear and white glass beads. 

Lillie with white leafs and a silver feather on the end of the charm.

I have just the same phone charm. Black lilies with blood red glass beads. I love how it dangles around.

I would like to hear your opinion about the charms and make up keeper of course :)


Make up post

When it's really hot outside I try not to overdo it with the make up. I don't want to look like melting ice cream :P So some black eyeliner and dots come in handy ;)
I'm wearing "I'm alive" heart from polymer clay made by me. It turned out to be a monster hearty thought I wanted to have a nice rickabilly one. But this looks good too I guess :)
Dots. I'm obssesed with them. But I got compliments for them too. From girls :) That's nice.


Summer passing by

The last month of summer... Thought autumn is my favorite season, I still feel bad about summer coming to an end. We still can manage to have some fun, I guess.  I'm trying to find a new job, since I can't stand the old one any more. I'll be working at some fancy lingerie shop at the end of the month If I get lucky. I want that job so bad. Not to mention the salary would be almost twice bigger :P 

During my vacations I stayed at my dad's house for almost a week. Our black oriental cat Ozzy has managed to sneak outside and get into fight with local cats. It's good that he's castrated or else there would be a lot of big eared kittens at the end of the summer. I'm not so happy about him going outside. Hell know what bad things can happen to a wondering domestic cat. Especially when he has such an exotic look.

This is little Ozzy playing around. Now he's a big cat :D But non less gorgeous;)uff

and some fun stuff...
 Have you ever seen a cactus like that :D I did. At a pub I didn't remember now. But I manage to get a photo :D I guess it's a cactumber :D