Spring outfit with jacket

I've been really lazy toward my blog lately :P But it seems that all I do in these days is work. Ah, I need vacations !

So, here comes a simple but nice post we all like. Outfit post for an ordinary day.

This wulfy shirt is a new thing I bought. I like the painting. It's quite an artistic print.

The skirt is the same one I love so much. It's perfect for the spring.

This jacket is 6 years old. But it's so comfortable and made very well. From Zara.

Make up is very simple. Had no need for heavy one ;) 


Senior Delf Abadon

As you might remember, I had a goal to get a ball jointed doll this year. I've even decided on witch one I want. It was Luts senior delf Abadona .
So my payment to Luts.com has been confirmed!!!! Oh, how happy I am!. Now I just have to be patient for as you know ball jointed dolls are made by custom orders and it takes about two month for them to be made. This is really exciting for me as it's one of my dreams coming true :) Woohooo!
I still must pick a name for him. There was a lot of variations :D Bazil, Sebastian (since I love that black Butler), Mui, Azriel, Abiel...  I call him Abi - chan for now, since it's a shorter form for Abadon and I'm an otaku too :) I'm getting used to it, but just Abi sound not good enough. So I wonder about a full name with the beginning like Abi... My friends boy is Luka. The name suits him perfectly :) She has ordered another boy already and has picket a name of Izumi for him. I guess to me the name will pop out when I'll finally open the box and will see him gazing at me with those cocky eyes that I love :D

Since I;m quite a crafty person I think I'll have no problem making  an outfit for him. Or whole tone of them. But the shoes are different thing. I have no Idea how to make these things. So I just ordered a pair for him.

Yes, these are doll's shoes, but I would want a pair for my self too. They are gorgeous. And I got the last pair on sale. Woohoo!!!

And these are waiting to be win on an auction. I keep my fingers crossed :P

They look really nice. My doll will be a pampered one :D But all the girls I know are pampering their BJD boys :D I'll just have to order a wig and it will be all. The wig is also easy to make but I just don't want him standing around bold for two days, while I'll be making it. :D
I'm sorry if after a few months this blog might turn into a BJD fanatic blog. But it still will be a Gothic BJD fanatic blog :D