Spring outfit with jacket

I've been really lazy toward my blog lately :P But it seems that all I do in these days is work. Ah, I need vacations !

So, here comes a simple but nice post we all like. Outfit post for an ordinary day.

This wulfy shirt is a new thing I bought. I like the painting. It's quite an artistic print.

The skirt is the same one I love so much. It's perfect for the spring.

This jacket is 6 years old. But it's so comfortable and made very well. From Zara.

Make up is very simple. Had no need for heavy one ;) 


  1. Such a wonderful outfit! <3

  2. love how the skirt and boots look together!

  3. This outfit is just gorgeous. I love that skirt!

  4. The skirt and the boots are just fantastic!
    Btw, I nominated you for the [Dark] Sunshine award ^^ http://catacombxkitten.blogspot.com/2012/03/dark-sunshine-award.html

  5. *Chokes*....Awesome...damn awesome...outfits. Outfit? Whatever. It's cool. Damn cool. You look like a badass secretary in that chair. Or...something.

    And I nominated you for the [Dark] Sunshine Award. :)

  6. Hello :)
    My name is GhostGirl,and I'm from Hungary. I just want to tell you : I love your blog <3 You are really creative and your make-ups are pretty :)

  7. you've already been nomitated twice but... oh well! I nominate you again for the [Dark] Sunshine Award! I love your skirt!

  8. I also nominated you in my blog for The dark sunshine because you have one my favourite blogs! xD