Bedrooms to dream about

Living in a rented flat doesn't let you decorate it as you want and as I haven't spend more then 3 year in one apartment I don't want to get lots of stuff I would have to take with me. But time to time I get myself dreaming how great it would be to have a place of my own so I could decorate to my taste :D The decor ideas changes as times go ( all black, then white and black, then warm nature tones and so on). But hte thing that never change is that I want a big beautiful bed with wooden carvings o at least a canopy :D

 Such bedrooms need a lot of space thought :) I like the warm tones. Not everything must be black for me these days :)

This whole room is perfect. I usually don't like carped but this one is in a perfect position. It's always nice to not get your warm feet out of the bed on the cold floor :D

My perfect bed preference would be a bed build in wall. I don't know if my other half would justify it but I love to sleep in a confined space. As silly as it sounds I would when I was teen I would crawl with my pillow into a wardrobe and would fall asleep there. One day my mom came in when I was having wardrobe nap. She was looking for me and it was hard to explain her where I was just a second ago when she entered my room and I was no where to be found. Still, I don't like places I can be stuck in, just the cozy ones I can leave whenever I'm....rested :D
I saw this bed in a wall in old Russian book. The was a space in a wall that was covered with curtain and behind them there was a  mattress big enough for a person to sleep. The high of this "bed" was just enough for a person to almost stand in.
Looked something like this :)

here's more modern version ....

It's a great idea for small space room or for a child room though I would enjoy such bed even now.
Check out more of these super cozy beds here!


Autumn coat obtained

So yes yes yes, I found myself a perfect coat for an incredible low price and I'm just so happy about it, because it's exactly how I wanted it to look and the color is perfect to :D!

 It's a high waist coat that get much wider at the bottom and is perfect for all fluffy skirts I have as well as for less frilly ones. I'm now wearing a simple skirt for work so you cant see much volume, but I'll show you it in the future:)

 It even has a little bump so I am able to wear it with any bustle skirt :) I have one for now. I counted that I have 20 skirts and no trousers at all. So I'll try to stop on purchasing more skirts.. I'll try.

 It goes really well with my new Antique Clock purse from Restyle.pl and I love those protruding shoulders. It's made from wool and acrylic. Not the warmest thing but it should do it's best for next couple months. It costed me $4 so... yeah :D

How more perfect can it be? :D


Miniatures in my life

 I want to make a room for my dolls and since most of my dolls are aristocratic Gothic vampires/alchemists and other creatures like summoned deer spirits, the room itself will be stocked with antique furniture and accessories that are likely to fit the habits of my... dwellers.

My boys are smart. See how both of them are reading. But while Haru is studying, Count Lestas D'Lacrua is reading for his own entertainment.  

I started to look for miniatures things  that would fit the size and would not be to small. This week  I collected some more stuff for my dolls :D

 My latest ones are the candlestick (really heavy) and this porcelain vase (?) with rose painting.   I found it in a second hand store. That's where I hunt for these thing and it also became a little hobby of mine.

The little box was brought to me as souvenir.  At that time I wasn't even thinking to ever have a bjd doll.  Now it will be and useful accessory as well as memento :)

You can see the size compared with my Resin Soul Ai who is 58 cm tall.

 I also got two wooden tea boxes and will be converting them in antique cupboards quite soon. 

 They look big when standing by itself and get way smaller when one of the dolls stands near. I'm planing to make cabinets form them. One of high legs (slimmer one) and for other I jet need to buy a wooden box with drawers to put it on.

Just thinking if I should take photos of my steps to post on DOA since I usually make everything very spontaneously. But I'm really happy with these findings, though my biggest dream is to obtain a nice porcelain tea set that would fir sd bjd size and would be realistic enough :)

Like this one <3

Hope you don't mind reading about my little obsessions :D


Lamp decor :D

I bought two Halloween paper lanterns recently and now one became my lamp :D

Lets not forget bats! They are a must this season :D I use another one as a night lamp as it can actually glow on it's own. As long as the battery allows t :D

I feel down a little bit lately. But my butlers take care of me :)

I also tried to make myself some pumpkin jam. My coworker ( after tasting it) said it should be eatable with chicken. I say "Relatives, get ready for your Christmas gifts of indescribably tasting jams... in cute jars" :D
For my personal notes when making strange jams " add lemon juices and sugar first and only then alter taste with other spices...."


More Bodyline!!!

It just happen so that one evening I come upon a sale on Bodyline!! It was one of those mystery sales that happens time to time but no one knows when. Everything was -20% so I just could not resist to order Items I wanted for a long time. I made two order since when I made the first one, I decided that I should order few other things just because.... it's a sale >:(

The stuff finally arrived. One package got through custom safely and another one got stuck and I got to pay the fees. Oh well.
But here's my new super cute skirts I wanted for ages!! I love them both. The striped one is made from very fine velveteen and is a bustle skirt, that can be worn in many different ways :D It has a under bust corset/west. You can wear  skirt with or without it. 
The black one is a fake bustle skirt. It has many layers but they can not be adjusted. But it's so gorgeous that I have no words. It's comfortable and has lacing and shirring. If you are thinking if you should get it. Don't think any more, just get it!! muahahaa, it's so beautifully amazingly fantastic!

The second one was some items I kinda wanted but wasn't sure. But since they were on sale, I got them...

It was a "Maple sugary waffle" skirt and to boleros. Ar red and a black.

 This one is already a quite nice coord :D 

The red one is nice, while the black one is not really...  how to say... to much lace and ribbons for me. It looks nice in picture but I  don't like the image when I'm wearing it... To frilly maybe... I like to take frilly skirts and tone them don with not so frilly clothes.

The skirt is lovely. Just what I expected. I just remade the big bow as always. Made it into a smaller one and a tiny one that fits into my palm :) It looks cute as a brooch too :) I wore the skirt to work since everybody wanted to see my waffle and cherry skirt after I appeared with my chocoberry one.

 I combined it with simple shrug and Mary Janes I wear at work :) 
I don't always go to work like that because even I get tired looking like a cupcake. And I want to leave my frilly  clothes for my days off.. Than it's more fun to dress up :D


New purse: Antiuqe Clock from Restyle.pl

It’s already two weeks since I got my Antique clock purse from Restyle.pl. I do love the style but was a little bit disappointed in quality. 

Here it is :)

The sides of the clock face is uneven. One side is sewed closer to the edge then other. It’s not that noticeable, but when you see it it annoys you constantly as well as the fact that the cord to keep the bag round was not linked together at the correct place at the bottom and the shape is a little weird when you actually carry it. But again, that’s not so noticeable. I thought it could be a little more bigger… But it will do for now. After all it’s not made to carry your groceries :D I love the design. The short handles could be thinner thought. Now they don’t look very elegant. Inside is made very neat and it has a small pocket  with zipper. 
Would I buy again? Despite all little defects, I would say YES.
Why? Because it’s in Europe, so no custom problems for me :D It took less that a week for it to arrive, the price is not that bad and the designs are interesting and original :) I just wish who ever sew those would do a better job next time :D

Take a measuring tape and check the measure of your desired bag on it to see how it actually looks, since  they look bigger in pictures, then you think it would be ;)


Creations for myself: Sweet chocolate hair clip

I used to love working with polymer clay. But now I use it only for making deer horns for my headbands. And my skills got all rusty. Now As I look at my new spontaneous creation I see what Could be done better. But I still like it. I don't know If I ever gonna wear it. Maybe I'll use it for a give away on Tumblr :D Being a little bit lazy for no reason... 


New from Deadly Cherries

I was working on some headbands of mine lately. A few still must be made, but I just wanted to post what I did last night. It's one dedicated for Fall season and other for my secret sweet and sugary side...