Growing back my hair....

It takes a lot of time

Last time I cut them they become this short. 

After more then a year (that is now) they are like this

and in black.

 Some how they don't wan to grow and I was even thinking about cutting them short. Just like a boy... But it was just a thought. I know, that as thin as they are I prefer this silly look of my thin hair then to hide their thinness in a short hairdo.

 At the moment I adore straight long hair with a bangs. I love it. But my hair just acts against me and refuse to grow. So I keep them in a bun almost all time. 

I'd love to color them in deep blue with little shades of black, in nice pastel green, maybe even in soft lavender. But I don't think they could handle the bleaching... 
At least I hope they'll grown a little bit till summer. 
Till then I decided to just forget about them. The more I seem to worry about them, the less they grow...

I have another person at home I can experiment on. I tried dark red and dark vine colors on my bf. But after I saw his photo from very young days where he is blond I insisted him to become blond again. Muahahaaa...   
Well, I like blond guys.... :D

Soooooo... it will be second time of lightening his current color. The red is not that easy to get rid off. After the second time there will be no turning back... If it won't work, will do it again and again until I'll have my Tomoe kun!!! Oh, sorry ..:D

P.S. I noticed that a hot water is not the best for my hair. I like to take a quite hot shower and usually it's to hot for my hair.  So now I take a time to make it lukewarm before I start washing the hair. And my hair has improved :)


  1. Kitsune love, we have a similar tastes I love the three of them XD
    I think your hair look beauty, but growing wait is a shit, I know it :P

    1. Who could not like them :D
      and yes, waiting is so annoying, but it's actually because we wait. I think we just need to treat our hair well and dont think about how long they are. It's like time stops when you look at the clock and the same is the hair. If you'll be cheeking everyday how long they are, it will look like all eternity :D

  2. I also love people with turquoise, blue or purple hair! But I can imagine the wear and tear to get there...

    1. well, recently I found out that quite a number of people with those colorful hair are actually wearing a wig :D Soooo, there is in my plans to order some blue and turquoise wigs :D

  3. My hair used to grow very slowly too but since I stopped using bad chemicals in my hair it has improved soo much :D If you want you can read my entry here:

    I have also wanted blue hair several times but it would require too much bleaching so I don't dare to either :/

    1. oh, thanks. I definitely will :D I hope to get some tips for growing mine :D

  4. I know where your coming from. I'm a victim of over dying my hair as well.. After trial and error I found some helpful things! That won't break the bank *wink* lol

    Garnier - Sleek and Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

    For bleaching my hair a little to often, and dry damaged ends.. I recommend

    L'Oreal Paris - TOTAL REPAIR 5 Collection, They make over night hair repair masks, instant 5 minute miracle(like Aussies)Shampoo etc

    This way if you still intend to grow it out, it will be the healthiest it can be,

    I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks. I'll look for it at the store. It sounds good. especially the 5 minutes miracle :D

  5. Your welcome ^ ^

    Oh it is, I have used the five minute miracle when I was short on time and needed clean hair! It really does last a while, and without making your hair feel heavy.

    I know what its like to be of the alternative culture and still be on a budget.