Korp Goth....I guess

Good news! After being unemployed for some time I finally went to a job interview!!! And nailed it!!! How else could it be. I tried my best to look presentable with the wardrobe I have at home. And the new red ornamented summer/spring coat I got just added poshness to my looks :D I already had experience in the sphere and good recommendations.

I'm so happy!!! The working hours are superb and it's only 15 minutes away from my home (on foot) :D

The other more sad news are that Nyphadora got stuck in window while we were away. Trying to escape she damage her leg quite a lot. Apparently half opened windows are terrible dangerous for a cat and ours was very lucky to get out with just a wound. It's healing and she has to wear that satellite thing again. Poor thing. It would have never crossed my mind. I guess she was chasing a beetle and her leg got cough. As any animal that is trapped, she began to struggle in panic to free her pawn and that caused a major wound on her upper joint.

She still runs and jumps on table like mad. If I got a wound like that I would be fainting every time I see it not to mention  I would not be able to move. She got lucky, we got lucky. Read about the dangers of half opened windows here if you are not familiar with it. It can save your cats life.

Sorry for the massive photo editing. I just laid my hands on new program and got to carried away :p

Gothically yours,

Extra happy Countess


Photo shoot for the shop

The weather is perfect, cloudy and rainy! That's my summer!!! And there is no irony. I really like it. It's like warm autumn. I hope it will last till winter like that :D It kills me when it's hot.
So... not much news. Not much news I would want to share maybe. Sometimes I get all personal and these are the days when I think that we put to much of our personal life on the net. Never know what creep is fallowing you :)
Me and my friend who has a shop on Etsy decided to make a photo shoot. I was her model and she was mine. I think the result is not so bad since we both are noobs on modeling... It's one thing to make selfies and other to pose for someone :D So here's a set we made for my shop :)

The necklaces a a little bit longer in reality, but since she is a gifted girl we had to make them look a little  shorter ;)

My friend has a soutache accessories shop.  Soutache is a French word thought to have been first used in the mid 1800's. It comes from the Hungarian word sujtas, which means braid used for trimming. Another word for soutache is galloon, which is also French and comes from the 16th century. It is derived from gallonner and means to embellish or adorn with lace.The threads used to make a soutache come in many colors and are often made of natural fabrics such as silk and wool. Synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers such as rayon may also be used as well as metallic threads of silver or gold. As military styles go in and out of fashion, the decorative braids may be seen adorning jackets and coats as well as epaulets, fabric or metal trim sewn onto a garment's shoulders.

I tried to look neutral, since her jewelry is not in the Gothic category. Some photos are a little burned out. So here's some.

So tell me what do you think about this amateur photo shoot of ours :D 


Catch a bat!!!

New patch of Bat jewelry are waiting for you at my shop!!! I want to thank all of you who have ordered from me. I hope you enjoy your jewelry and get  lots of compliments while wearing it ! :D

I couldn't leave these pentagram beauty behind. I love this color green. It associates with deep dark forest to me.

Roses and pentagram. 
"Chant of Life"


Gothisize your sunglasses

So, I bought these sun glasses once at my old workplace. They costed only 2 dollars and I thought "why not".

 They are those big plastic glasses with wide legs (if that's a word to use) :D The shades go from dark purple to light grey. Today looking at them I got and idea to pimp them a little bit. I always wanted a casual glasses with ankh o pentacle, and it cameo to me suddenly... that I just can glue the pentacle to the frame of it :D

 And that's what I did.

 Hello new sunglasses!

And how do I look?? :D I would prefer little ankh but I only got big ones at the moment. But as soon as I'll order smaller ones, I'm glueing them to my other sunglasses :D



I've turned 30 on July 1st!

I'm celebrating my 30 Birthday this weekend and having a sale on my ETSY shop DEADLY CHERRIES to mark this anniversary of mine :) Use a code JULYSALE to get -30% discount for purchasing (not shipping) anything in my shop :) The sale will start at July 5th  8 am and will end at July 7th 8 pm Eastern European Time.
So, lets celebrate together !!! <3 

Hello 30'ies!!!! :D


Deadly Cherries present: Witch of the woods

"Enchanted deer maiden" is a section at my Etsy store that holds a bunch of head bands decorated with deer antlers and flowers,  ribbons and beads.
I was lost for a while in pastel colors of lavender and purple, since I like to use them in my work a lot. But finally the darkness called me back and a vision of a witch in a deep of the woods came to me.
I usually start creating from one detail, a symbol, a sign, an ornament... And then everything just wraps around itself. The symbol demand companions, companions demand followers and followers demand background. And I create it. I create it till there is a full picture of my vision. Till the vision unfolds itself to a full view.
So this time it began with a crest of a moon. A dark and magical moon. Covered in black with hints of a bloody red.

Then came the  light feathers to accompany the Goddess. Black and red for the woods are dark but full of life.

And little pearls for little rays of light that sometimes manage to reach the bottom of the woods. By miracle, by, chance, by struggle...

The crown of the witch, the halos of the forest dweller...

The with of the Woods needs no eye for she sees with her heart...

I change the material of the horns. I started using polymer clay instead of the air dry material. The horns now are much more durable and lighter at the same time. And I feel better knowing that they definitely will reach the buyer unharmed even if the post office workers will not give much care in handling it. I had a case when a girl got her package all ruined and wet with just the apology from post office for not being able to handle the package properly. And that was it. Nothing else just a pathetic excuse sticker on a ruined box.. 

Another thing I like is that I don't have to wait for 24 hours to start making a band. I make the horns, bake them, and I'm good to go. 24 hours no is just a merely hour :D And that is super nice. 

Thanks for reading :)


Deadly Cherries presents - Egyptian cross. The key of the Nile.

I loved Egyptian cross since my early Goth days. As being one of the most mysterious religion with living Gods, the Book of death, mummification and other unique aspects it always attracted me and scared at the same time. I loved to watch movies about revenge of the mummy or archaeological documentary about Egypt. I even wanted to become archaeologist. But one thing made me change my mind. I was afraid to be cursed by some old Gods for entering the graves and be chased by revengeful mummies of old kings through the labyrinth of they resting place :D

But the Ankh that is loved by vampires as a symbol of immortality is one of my favorite charms for everyday to wear. I was planing to make some necklaces featuring it and finally I was able to. So I present  you my new creations :)

 "Essence Of Life"

 "The Cross Of Life"

 "Key of Nile"

 "Eternal Life"


They are all for your enjoyment :)