Gothisize your sunglasses

So, I bought these sun glasses once at my old workplace. They costed only 2 dollars and I thought "why not".

 They are those big plastic glasses with wide legs (if that's a word to use) :D The shades go from dark purple to light grey. Today looking at them I got and idea to pimp them a little bit. I always wanted a casual glasses with ankh o pentacle, and it cameo to me suddenly... that I just can glue the pentacle to the frame of it :D

 And that's what I did.

 Hello new sunglasses!

And how do I look?? :D I would prefer little ankh but I only got big ones at the moment. But as soon as I'll order smaller ones, I'm glueing them to my other sunglasses :D


  1. Looks nice! I think the pentacle is just the right size for the large frames.

  2. What a nice and simple idea! Looks great on you!

  3. Aww!! Thats an amazing idea! I'm always bothered about not finding any cool sunglasses.

  4. Great idea! I can never find sun glasses I like so thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Such a good idea. I have a few pairs which could do with this treatment.

  6. Ohhh,it's a good idea :D I like it! (: