Deadly Cherries presents - Egyptian cross. The key of the Nile.

I loved Egyptian cross since my early Goth days. As being one of the most mysterious religion with living Gods, the Book of death, mummification and other unique aspects it always attracted me and scared at the same time. I loved to watch movies about revenge of the mummy or archaeological documentary about Egypt. I even wanted to become archaeologist. But one thing made me change my mind. I was afraid to be cursed by some old Gods for entering the graves and be chased by revengeful mummies of old kings through the labyrinth of they resting place :D

But the Ankh that is loved by vampires as a symbol of immortality is one of my favorite charms for everyday to wear. I was planing to make some necklaces featuring it and finally I was able to. So I present  you my new creations :)

 "Essence Of Life"

 "The Cross Of Life"

 "Key of Nile"

 "Eternal Life"


They are all for your enjoyment :)

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