Todays work...

I'll let you peek a little :)

P.S. I'm thinking about making a little  give away soon, so keep checking ;)

Post day

Today had to be the day of my working material arrival... But it was not!!!! I checked the ordering info, and find out that my package has been marked as "could not be delivered". And there was no note from post office in my post box. How could that be??? I've had already planed my day and work schedule and here I couldn't star anything since I had no material :((( I was angry and decided to go to post office and to claim my package.
I had a day off so that's means a day I can dress properly :D Woohoo!

I love my Insomnia vest from "Punk Rave". It always add the spark to outfit.
Nothing special with hair... It's windy outside.

So, I went to a post office and got my stuff. I asked if there is a  new postman or what since the old one did his job perfectly and I always got my packages on time. I was told that he has an all district in his attendance now. He used to have a half of it but they have closed
the post office near me and left only one for all district. 
So there is much more work for him now. 
And I don't think they are paying more to him :(

Well, at lest I  have my material now :)

Wait for new creations ;)


Night practice....

I played with make up yesterday at late evening. And when I was all done I remembered I had no cotton pads to clean the face :D

 And this Lady on youtube. com has some wicked make up  skills....


Deadly Cakes. How it all started. Part 1

My brand "Deadly Cherries" came from my firs earrings collection ever that was called "Deadly Cupcakes".
I remember now first cupcake earrings I made. It was the first time I tried polymer clay. I ordered three colors: black, white and red. I thought that it would be the best color choice for a newbie like me :D I didn't wanted to make ordinary cupcakes so I decided that it would be deadly cupcakes since they were decorated with skulls and the colors where not so suitable for sweet look too ;)

Here they are...

It was so fun that I ordered violet color too. And played a little bit more...

I feel so nostalgic looking at these photos :) I really like how they look. I sold most of them and others became gift for my friends.



I started my own shop on Etsy. There is not much stuff there yet. But I'm working on it. I want to make some good looking photos of my creations, so I won't be putting a link till I have them :)

I've red Adora's BatBrat post about labels and thought that it would be a good time for me to start thinking about one too. I played with Microsoft Publisher a bit and made this one :)

I think it will change in the future, but it will be good for now. I like the idea of cherries having a vampire teeth :) They look cute and evil at the same time. 
You can find me and my creations on Facebook too ;)


Goth box (rocks)

I just love coffin bags. Not only bags, but  purses, cases and all other coffin shaped things. The first one I ever sow was the back pack of a Buffy's friend werewolf .

He is a guy in the photo.

It looked like this...
I could not find a picture from a movie :) I loved it then. But at that time there was no chances to get it in Lithuania. I got mine after 10 years too. It looks like this, but the cross and side lines are red.
And oh I love it, but I still want more....

I found this one on Dark Star stuff list.
It's just perfect..
I even tried to make one myself, since I found the original too expencive :(
It turned ok. But I still want more
I even made myself a little coffin case...
...a coffin cell charm

...a coffin ring.

...and earrings that belongs to a happy customer:)

But there still are things I want. Like this coffin decorated with a bat. 

I love the bat on it :) It looks simple but cute. There is a version on Demonia too, but  I like this one more. 

So if you want, you can make your own coffin by watching this tutorial: part.1 and part.2
Have fun ;) 


"Shoot me"

This is  new choker I made.  It's Victorian industrial style and looks really beautiful one ones neck :). I just need to find a model for a shoot of my creations. I'm tired of doing it myself.

I said, I'll work today and not sit in a blog. Oh, well...



 I love making jewelery but I don't wear much. I have a few favorite earrings and a few rings. I usually wear pendants with pentagrams or ankhs and "Vamp attack Vol.2" neck chain that I made recently. But I also got this my most treasured item from Alchemy Gothic :)

I just love it. I always wanted something from this brand. I find all they works really beautiful. So when I had a chance to get my hands on this item I did it. I got it for a very reasonable price too:) I did't wanted anything too banal, like crosses or so on... So this combination suited me perfectly.

I find these very attractive too...

Bad things and sunny days

Not mine, but still.... Owner of this demon is here.
Something is wrong with my sewing machine. It won't work. I think it's angry on me for not treating it right. And I was a very bad owner.... :((  I still am. So today is a day withouts sewing. How sad. I think I'll go and play with polymer clay. But before that I have to get out and enjoy the sunny day. Yes, I enjoy sunny days. Not too sunny of course, but this one is a perfect sunny spring day. The sky is clear and I hope it's warm outside. I'm tired of my big winter coat. It's a 42 size coat and I wear 36 size !!!! I bought it last winter when I was size 40. I looked well than, but no I feel that another me could fit in :D. And when you get thin you usually want everybody to see it. And wearing an undersized coat doesn't make it right. Oh well. If it's warm I can wear my leather jacket which I have since when I was 14. I love it. It still looks good. This jacket marks a start of changes in my life. It was a time when I started to question this world. I felt growing anger and fear of who I am, and what for  I am... Well, you know this period;)
So I came back from outside. Yes it was sunny and I had some take out coffee with friends during their lunch break.  I had a day off so it was the best way to get outside and have a little chat. Now I'm home again 
I'm taking my sewing machine to a "doctor". I hope he will fix it....


Vamp attack vol. 2

Well, my wounds have healed a little bit and now they are not so big. And the bleeding has stopped too....

Wanted to show this one to you as soon as possible: P
It's just too simple to be explained. I made it in the 3 min before my work. But I love it. Now it will be an every day necklace. Two little marks on my neck.
But I feel such a big lust for blood now. Need to feed... Must leave... For now.


Vamp attack

Oh no, I was bitten by a vampire!!! I guess the full moon is to be blamed for this.

This week it's only bats and vampires who are on my mind :) I can't do my work properly because of this... I'm contemplating new projects all the time and can't wait to go home to make them real :)
Oh, what a week... But I'm really happy with this "Bite me" choker :) It looks nice and cool I would say...

And by the way, here is the new crown I made.... I told you I wouldn't be satisfied with just one >:)
So here it is ... The everyday crown for world domination.

I made "blood drops" from polymer clay ... 
Quite bloody works I presented to you this time :D

P.S. It would be nice to get some comments, so don't be shy ;)


Pucca style

My hair is quite thin and completely straight. So it's quite hard to get a nice hairdo and to keep it I have to use a considerable quantities of varnish. But sometimes, I have good hair days too. Then I manage to construct something  cute on my head. This time, Pucca-style hair buns :)

You can find a tutorial here :)


Gothisize you bath...

Well, as I promised to myself and the underling who visit this blog from time to time, I made  a make up organizer.  Now by bathroom  is nice and tidy. All my make up is in it's place. I don't have to overturn all my flat in a search of my eyeliner :D Anyway, the bright-colored bath accessories is always a good stuff ;)

I keep my eye-shadows in the tray with the bat .

The bat application, trays for perfume, favorite scrub, eyes shadows, brushes and most wearable earrings... Everything has its' place:) Oh, how nice my bathroom looks now:)


Coffin case

This morning was quite productive. I performed a number of activities ... mandatory or optional:) A began to sew and made this lovely tray with the bat application.  I see bats everywhere lately:)

This tray is quite easy to make.
Just take two coffin shaped scraps of leather. Sew the desired application on the one that will be a front peaceThen cut a strip of a length to cover both sides and the bottom of the little coffins. Make a loops at the ends and then tape the strip of leather between the two coffin shaped scraps. Sew it like you would sew a bag. It's just that this one has a shape of a coffin :D

I hang my coffin case in the bathroom and keep cotton buds there. I very much disliked to keep them in their box because there is no place to where to put it, and now I just can hung them on  coils or on the towel hook:) It's such a cute accent:) 

Now I'm planing to make a cosmetic organizer, because all my cosmetic is scattered in the bathroom.  I have a perfect red striped material and  the vision of a tray with a bat application with little pockets for eyeshadow, brushes and so on.....

Oh, I can not wait to be able to begin this project. If only I wouldn't have to work.... ...


Bangs: what's your favorite?

I had changed my hair look during the summer. Now I've got bangs :D

Yes, yes...it's me. I love them but since then I keep thinking what are the ideal bangs ???

 personally like these "V" bangs

Mmmm... These one are just perfect too :)

But I'm not sure if they would fit me :/  But I think that bangs grown quite fast so I will start experiment when the spring comes :) The real one. It will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate :D

I could not stand straight bangs since childhood. I had a terrible memories about them, so it really surprised me when the barber offered to make them straight and not notched, as I wanted at first. I was satisfied with the outcome,especially since I became like a character from the anime XXXHolic: P

By the way, she as a great hair cut. I like those longer  hairs on both sides.... 

I also was reading  "Bride of the water God" manga 
So the change of my look more into these heroins made me quite happy.

Some other variations that I found attractive...
Simple, strong and...perfect.

Looking at these beautiful white bangs I don't really know if I want to shorten my...

Well, maybe only to make them look like in this pic.

But what abour asimetric bangs like these
or these

I actually like the whole hairdo :D
Oh decisions decisions...