Playing around

Garden of mine
My most lovable roses I have.

 And a keeper of the garden


Something new

Some of my new work on Etsy ;)

 Bat cave earrings

 These belong to the "Pear necklace" set.


 Little pear necklace.

Cyber goth girl brooch.


It was a hot day

You can live in a city and don't know about amazing things it hides inside:)
 Like this wall with memorial peaces for Lithuanian artist. They were made by students and then inserted into the wall. It's in a small street that i would never have entered if not one of my friends who told me this :)

 It was super hot and sunny. If not my parasol I would have had a heat attack. Not to speak about a sun burn...

Pretty me in a light black dress. 


Madness returns

If you are a gamer you probably know what this post is about. Yes it's about a new release of  American McGee's Alice  witch is Alice: Madness returns.
This is no ordinary wonderland:)

The new release is really amazing. The background, the creatures and game itself is creepy and involving not to mention the sweet Cheshire cat. While my BF is enjoying the game itself, I'm enjoying the outfits of Alice.
And she does  have some heavy looks.  The game begins with the ordinary grey tones dress of her.

And after she enters the madness world she turns back to the old Alice in blue dress wearing boots and stripped tights. 

She has a cute skull on her bow. I need to make one >:)
Then she turns into steam punk kind of Alice.

Fighting a mad tea cup.
And when her life bar is almost empty she turns into histeria and becomes a white Alice.

Bloody Alice. What a nice costume for Halloween. 
But my favorite is this red dress of her. Maybe because it's black and red I like so much ;)

But this is not all!!!
The flower dress...

The jellyfish dress... when she is underwater world...


And back...

I think she changes her clothes depending on level. Every new level has a different dress for her... 
In the end I can say that I'm certainly playing this game!!! 


Look into my eyes

What can I give you this Friday evening? Well, some photos of my make up....

And some work of mine newly posted on Etsy.

And old ones.... Those are sold or given away as gifts.


Black is back

This is the period when I want to dive into black color from tips to toes. Usually I dye my hair black at this period again... But I'll try to resist it this time... I'll go for a non - permanent black if I'll need ;) I wanted be red hair again for so long, but I just always ended coloring my hair black. I'll hope I won't fail this time.

Young Countess playing with the camera  (an old Zenit) ..18.. and black

..25... still black and still likes to play 

Halloween party ..26... Black. How else can it be???

...27.... oh, my black hair... 

and I'm meeting my 28 being half red, half black 

I'm of to work in black tomorrow. The only red things will be my nails and my hair.
...and for the desert :)

Mua ;)