Brooch: faces

Some of my old brooches. I had so much fun making them, that I'm thinking of remaking them :)


DIY Goth box

I got this  wooden tea box from a shop for 2 dollars. The minute I saw it I knew what I want to turn it to... 
A Gothic jewelry box :) and so I did :)

Da daaa.....
This one is for my most lovable jewelry, that I wear quite often :)

So, if you want one like this, you must:
  • Find a box
  • Some acrylic paint. I used white and black
  • A sponge
  • Small and large brushes
  • Fabric for inner lids and some soft filling I used poly-fill
  • Laces for decoration and other little stuff (skulls, bows, chain, flowers...)
 Lets begin...
 Put some desired color paint on a plate and dilute it with a little water

 Then use a sponge and gently cover the box in thin layer of paint. This way the pattern of wood will be seen trough the paint. I find it very attractive :)

 Do the same to the inside of the box

 Cover the corners with a brush

 I also used grey paint to cover the frame around the glass...

 Then I covered it with special varnish that gives that antique look, when other paint is applied on it...

It  makes little cracks

 It's time to glue your laces. I used hot gun glue. I only had red at that moment. I covered it with other lace later but for you I recommend to use transparent glue sticks. Glue them around the glass.


 Now do the same thing with other laces. You can choose not to do this. It depends on how you decided to decorate your box.


 Lets make puffy inner filling.

 Cut a circle, as large as your palm.

 Gather the edges with needle

 Put some poly-fill in then draw up and sew it

 Make a puffy ball

 Make some stitches in the middle and put it in an empty section

 Just like this

 Make as much as there are sections in your box. I made them in two different colors you can make as you wish.


 Now it's time to decorate...

 I glued some skulls and leather bat bows, a silver key and polymer clay flowers.
Just use your imagination ;)
 The closer look :) 

And here is my treasures in the Gothic treasure box

And the best part is, that you can use the glass frame as a photo frame and  change the photo whenever you like :)

I painted some abstract flowers later. It came out gloomy but bright. And I like it. So make one too and let me know how it worked out :)

Gothically Yours....


Make up

This is an old fashion Egyptian black liner look :) But I like it. This is the first time I' wearing it outside. Since I think I did quite a good work with it. Simple but still striking ;)

By the way... Do you like my earrings?

 It's just a two hanging skeletons I bought at the shop for 1 dollar and added hooks to it. Simple but looks so nice.

I added just a little of dark cherry shadows on the main lid. And dots... They are still on the wave for me :D

And this is a wonderful pendant I wear. I got it from an old friend. She brought it for me from U.S.A.  I think it was 6 years ago. I still love it and treasure it :)

My spiked heart :)


Day outfit and new bag

I'm off to a market this sunny day. It's autumn already, but the weather is nice. This is that kind of outumn I adore. A little rain is good too. I like to sit at home and sip cacao or coffee with milk while the rain is pouring outside. Mmm... That warm feeling siting on a a cozy sofa :)
So, I'm wearing Marilyn Manson shirt, black jacket and black skinny jeans.

 Sorry for the blurry pic...

But here's the new bag I got. A Ruby Gloom bag. "The happiest girl in the world" as it's written on the back of it.. I like characters such as Emily The Strange (got two sweaters)  and Ruby Gloom. I don't like to own everything by those brands, but this bag is something really sweet. Not to mention it was cheap (second hand shop).

 It's perfect for going to for or more official meetings where my skull decorated messenger bag doesn't look so "right". What is more, I'm not always in the mood to carry that big bag. and when I want something stylish I choose this one :)

The shape is perfect. It can carry a huge amount of stuff. It has four inner pocket. And I hate bags without them. Unless they are super uber cute like my coffin bag :D I also have a little shoulder bag from Ruby Gloom. But this one is a total catch :) For now it's my favorite bag. I think I have an diction for bags purses and so on... But who doesn't, right ?? 

 And make up...
 It was simple. It was the best choice in an early morning, since I wanted to make it heavy in the evening for going out.
 Just a foundation, a black eye liner and a mascara... Some dark shadows in the evening, a thicker  eye line and you are ready to go out :)


Dolls: BJD choosing the right one II

You have no idea how much ball joined dolls I have seen lately. Of course, most of them (the bigger part) was just photos of bjd. But wow... The conclusion that I came with is... There is no bad looking dolls. It's how they are made to look. You can find a pic of the doll on the seller looking not very impressive and an amazing photo of her in DeviantArt. Some dolls look better with very heavy make up, and others look gorgeous with just a little shading... Some need to have a long lashes and some are better with only painted ones.
After lurking in DeviantArt, Google, all the seller pages, Flickr and so one. I finally decided. Awww. I feel almost like pregnant, because I already want to make clothes for my future beauty - Senior Delf Abadon.

Here he is in other roles....

source by Kinomi

 source by Kinomi

source by Kall-su

source by Whipogard

Yes, this is the same doll :) And I love it. I've started a money saving program and hope to order him soon. I's so exited :P