The end is the new beginning

Today I'm moving to my new apartment and will be away from the internet for a while. I don't really know when I'll be able to post again, but probably it will take a whole week.
Just keep waiting, and I'll be back :)
The new year brings new things to ones lives. I hope to begin them nicely and happily, but still darkly in a good way we all love. I feel it will be the year dedicated to myself, to things I love and like to do. The new brighter room means more photos of the outfits, more tutorials and more sewing (for me). I'll be posting photos of the room decoration, as I'll be trying to change my living place into "more me" place. 
So lets meet again in the year 2012 ;)

Good luck to all of you and Happy NewYears :)

Gothically yours,
Countess Audronasha Konstance  D'Lacrua


Daily outfit: cozy Victorian Goth ;)

 I was going to meet my friend that day. the weather was fine since the winter is late :D We used to have snow during this time and now it feels like spring :D

I'm wearing my new skirt with ruffles. It looks like a neo cyber Victorian. I don't know if there even is such a term :D

Make up: Scaredy cat's eye shadows (Muertos, Sakura, Cirrina and Eire), Essence liquid eyeliner. I decided to wear lenses from new year. I'm a little bit tired of my look with glasses on and  you can't see the make up because of them.

My big crown pendant was ordered from Ebay. It came with long black beads, but they broke the minute I put them on. So I just use a chain I have from other pendant. My grey black stripped sweater is my  favorite cozy time thing. It's warm... And it has stripes. What else to add :D

 I' wearing my grey coat from Benetton. I have it for almost 7 years and the only thing that has ripped is the lining.

Different scarf - different look. This one is my favorite. It's super long and I like it. It's amazing hove different accessories can change the way you look:) The scarfs are my favorite.
Here's some cool scarfs  from Etsy I'd like to have.

They all will give you wonderful different kind of looks and will keep you warm during the cold weather;)
It's bad the knitting is not my stuff, or else I would make some wonderful scarfs for myself. Maybe it's time to learn to it. I always envied my friend from school whose mother was super good at knitting, and always made some amazing stuffs for her.


Ch.. ch.. ch... changes :D a new flat

Good news. I'll be mowing to a new apartment soon. I've found a room to rent. I needed one since I decided I'don't like the one I live in any more... So, a friend said he knows someone who rents a room. I went to see it, and the other day I took it. The kitchen and bathroom is not the one you would dream of, but the main thing why I decided to move there is the color of the room. It's WHITE. White is the most neutral color a goth could dream that allows a perfect transformation from common to  darkly creative.

Lovely :) Unfortunately, it's not my room :D Source

There was a big white wardrobe (about 2 m tall), a large window, a simple bed, a corner table (perfect for my sewing machine) a large cupboard and a balcony. 
I know how I'll decorate the window. I always wanted to have those lovely long curtains. And thanks to Bane, I now know how to make them in the most simple way :) I definatly will borrow some ideas for the wardrobe decoration from her.. and for the lovely curtain over the bed too:D

Like in here

Or here :)

For a perfect look I'll need a perfect bedding :D I looked for some at the Ebay, but then decided that I'll have to make one. It will be cheaper and more unique. Attachable ruffles will be a good way to cover not so beautiful legs of the bed and will give some style too ;) I like the idea how to make a bed in here.

I think pillows do give a wonderful look to a bed. Especially when they all are in different sizes and colors :D

Next, the accessories. I always wanted some black candle holders - lanterns  that would look like bird cages. I like that you can hang them or simply keep on the table and it always looks good and stylish.

A mirror. One with black frames.

Purrrfect. Isn't it??
I know it's a little bit a cliche... But who cares? I don't :D

There is a problem with the floor. Since they are old and the paint went off in some places. I'm thinking about coloring them in purple... Or I'll just use a dark purple carpet to cover the bigger part of the floor :)

Any way. I'll take the pictures of it and will show you the transformation on my blog. I hope it will turn out as I want. I really do. I need nice place to live. A nice darkly inspiring place for me and all my imaginary demons, fairies and so on :D


Fashion post: waist chincher from old blouse

So I had a black blouse with a waist  cincher sewed to it. It looked something like this (this one is not mine).

The bloused got worn out and before I decidet to discard of it, I clipped off the cincher. I decided to decorate it nicely and wear for everyday as waist cincher that compliments casual clothes. Here it is...

 The front

 The back

 The side look. 
As you can see I sewed a leather stripes on the each side to support it. I'm thinking about boning too, but maybe I'll keep it for another project since this cincher is comfortable to wear as it is now. I just put it on and it gives a darker look on a blink. 

 The other things I did was bats applications. I had some spear leather so I cut them out and sewed on the back.
 And one on the front  :)

Now they glide on my back :P
This thing was super easy to make and now it's super comfortable and cute to wear. In a times when I feel that something is missing in my outfit, I just put this thing on and I'm ready to go :) It's a good way to have something authentic for those who are not very good at sewing. Cutting out leather applications (or fake leather) is easy. If you are not confident in drawing them yourself, you can find some on the internet. Print them out and use as a template ;)
So good luck if you'll decide to make one. Send me a link of your finished work:)

Gothically yours...


Review: Scaredy Cat eye shadows (red and brown)

Remember last review? :) I've already tried the red and brown shadows too :)

 Sakura, Cirrina, Dee's nuts and Muertos. Sakura is my favorite since it goes perfectly with my hair color :) It is on top of my top eye lid. I applied Dee's nuts on my bottom lid, a little bit Cirrina on the inner corner and Muertos on the middle and outer corner. Don't forget the dots :)

Next time I'm mixing more colors together. I could play all day with them.  I have an idea to make a organizer for those little bottles. Just to help me keep them safely. I'm thinking about coffin shaped organizer. One day I'll have to sit and count hove many coffin shaped stuff I have :) 

And I love my hair color in this photo. During past few days I wasn't very happy with my look. Something is missing. I want my long hair back:(( I know I had to do what I did. The ends were splitting and braking. But still... Any tips for making hair grown faster. A lot of you, ladies, have such a nice long hair:P 


Review: Scaredy Cat eye shadows (blue and green)

Since I have a shop on Etsy, it's natural that I often check others shop to see what goodies it sells. Lately I become obsessed with natural cosmetic. I bought some hand made face creams and scrubs from a local shop uogauoga.lt They smell divine and my skin feels really good. So it's only natural that I decided to order some mineral cosmetic too. The shop I chose to order from was Scaredy Cat. I just love those little bottles they are offering their samples in. So when I sow the Black Friday offer, I just could not resist and ordered some. The package came this morning and made my day.

 I have already tried some of them and was not disappointed :)

 This is the shadows I used today: Eire, Draconia, Snow Bird, Chakra and Nevermore. I expected Nevermore to be a black one. But I'm happy as it is, because it is non less perfect. I chose the green and blue ones to test, because I found them really fantastic, especially the firs two ones. You should see how they shimmer and how wonderful the color is. I'm in love with them now.
So here's the make up itself.

This is the first pack of such colorful eye shadows in my collection, but I like them.

The shadows are really easy to apply. It's a little bit difficult to get them from the bottle, but I'm getting used to it.

I love how the colors merge together. It's very fun to combine them. The only bad thing that is that they flake of on the cheeks easily, while you try to put them on... I'll have to do something about it, since I hate that kind of stuff :D

But I really recommend this brand. 

Next time - the brown, golden and red shadows. I can't wait to try them :)


Lets add some color: Green

This is how I looked while going to meet my old friend. We haven't seen each other in a long time so it had to be a fun meeting and it was :D

I'm wearing my new electrical green sweater. This is the first colorful peace of cloth after some time. I don't wear it often but it looks good with synthetic leather pants I got. The neckline is quite big so it goes perfect with my spider web top.
Jewelry: My spiked heart and "Bite me" necklace. Simple, but effective;)
My hairdo was kind of 80ties. I know tousling them is not very good but I love my puffy forehead :)

Some nice hair pins. The ribbons are made by me and the beautiful silver color hair clip was found on a flea market.

I'm wearing me lovely Bat Glide earrings. 

So, the green sweater... Do you like it? I think I do :) A little bit unusual but nice :)


Parasol with skulls

I always wanted a smaller parasol for summer. I found some great tutorials for making one. Here's a video how to make o crochet parasol. It looks lovely, but I wanted one with more protection :) So here is  another beautiful parasol tutorial on Cut out and keep, made by Jessy. There was also one tutorial using a fabric and not laces, but this one is also really good. I was looking for a smaller umbrella to turn it to a mini parasol and finally found one. the problem is, that it looks good without changes too :D

 It has a cute skulls on it. Couldn't resit to buy one.

 Ah, by the way, I cut my hair. The black ends were terribly dry and damaged, so in order to have a healthy hair look I removed them.

I think I'll add some laces to it. And little acrylic hearts... And when I'll get bored, then I'll use the tutorial to make a new one ;) This one is so cute and easy to carry around. I probably will use it as an umbrella too.


The theme of the month: Outwear

Here it goes...The theme of the month: Outwear.
My most precious winter outwear is this custom made leather jacket :) I wanted it so much and I got it. It's really warm and can be worn during a cold winter and a mild summer as well. 

In a summer during a local festival two years ago.

And a cold winter. We have it quite cold in here during the winter.

Last year. It was freezing cold. Brrrr

This is what I usually wear with this jacket.

I just love those puffy ear-wears. I used to have 7 of them. But a cat we had destroyed them. I saved only few. These are my favorite ones. I have a dark blue ones too. Just can't find them at the moment :D I'm still looking for a coat since it gives more elegant look and I need it time to time. Maybe I'll be lucky to find it this winter