Review: Scaredy Cat eye shadows (blue and green)

Since I have a shop on Etsy, it's natural that I often check others shop to see what goodies it sells. Lately I become obsessed with natural cosmetic. I bought some hand made face creams and scrubs from a local shop uogauoga.lt They smell divine and my skin feels really good. So it's only natural that I decided to order some mineral cosmetic too. The shop I chose to order from was Scaredy Cat. I just love those little bottles they are offering their samples in. So when I sow the Black Friday offer, I just could not resist and ordered some. The package came this morning and made my day.

 I have already tried some of them and was not disappointed :)

 This is the shadows I used today: Eire, Draconia, Snow Bird, Chakra and Nevermore. I expected Nevermore to be a black one. But I'm happy as it is, because it is non less perfect. I chose the green and blue ones to test, because I found them really fantastic, especially the firs two ones. You should see how they shimmer and how wonderful the color is. I'm in love with them now.
So here's the make up itself.

This is the first pack of such colorful eye shadows in my collection, but I like them.

The shadows are really easy to apply. It's a little bit difficult to get them from the bottle, but I'm getting used to it.

I love how the colors merge together. It's very fun to combine them. The only bad thing that is that they flake of on the cheeks easily, while you try to put them on... I'll have to do something about it, since I hate that kind of stuff :D

But I really recommend this brand. 

Next time - the brown, golden and red shadows. I can't wait to try them :)


  1. Love the colors and they look fantastic on you! I pat some powder onto my cheeks before applying mineral eyeshadow. Any flakes of eyeshadow fall onto the powder, and then I can brush it all away with a fluffy brush.

  2. Oh, that's a good idea. I'll have to try it ;) Thanks.

  3. Those look lovely! The colours are so rich and beautiful. You did a lovely design with them too.

  4. I think I'm actually going to order some, especially as they come in such cute little bottles - they look like bottles of magic potion!

  5. The ones I ordered are samples. But I do love those bottles too :) The big ones look nice as well :)