Falling apart

Today I wanted to delete this blog. I wanted to delete myself with it because I thought that it's not important anymore. I'm lost. I'm lost more the ever and don't even know who I am or why I am...It's all slipping and I don't really even care.

I feel like fading away and nothing I do helps me. All little things that kept me alive somehow became hollow, non important and meaningless... I feel like in slow motion movie except I'm the only one who is slow.  Oh, It's such a misery! I know what it is. I know how it's called and I'm holding not to fall in completely.

I wanted to delete this blog. But then scrolling through the photos I have uploaded made me see myself alive. It made me remember that I was happy, that I loved what I did. I was alive once and there is hope I'll come back again... I'll leave it here. For myself.