Doll: Want one? Make one

As a curious person and as an artist I always try do do everything by myself. Tutorials made by others is viewed only in extraordinary way (I always precious them) :) That's how I am. I like to think, explore and find how to make something using my own knowledge. The same was with making a doll. I wanted a beautiful doll to sit on my shelf, so I made one. I made some more after that too. The first one was as a Christmas gift for my mother. It was a Victorian style lady wearing a black laced dress with a purple underskirt. 
The one I'm showing today is my second doll - Ophelia. 

 It's Gothic kind of doll with striped black and white stockings, green hair, black laced dress, a little wire crown with vale and a little hand bag. The hand bag had a mini mirror with blush in it.

The thing I love most is those bending stripped legs :) 

 All of her body: torso, head, legs from knees and hands are made from a a ceramic modeling clay. It drys and becomes hard in 48 hours. The lower body part and arms are soft. I wanted her to flexible.

 Stockings are painted on the legs and attached to the soft body. So she can bend her knees and make different poses.
All clothes and accessories are made by me as well as make up. She is a cute about 18 cm tall girl

 I gave it to my ex boyfriend's  mother as a gift. I'm a little sorry for it now... But well, what is done is done.

Next time: Cupcakes girls Constance;)


Makeup bee

I've created  an account on Makeup bee :) 

You can find it here :) --->>
There is so many looks to explore and to share your own. A great site, I would say.

I found some unused fabric and decided to make a jabot and a pair of cuffs from it. It came out quite nice except that the fabric has a pattern of cheetah. Well, It had to be just a practice, but now I don't want to threw them away.

I think I'll dye them in black hoping  it will cover the animal print... On the other hand it looked quite interesting with a black jacket and a ripped black pants plus an 80's hairstyle that looked a little bit like this...


Curly hair Oh, beware!!

I find curly hair very attractive. That's  because my own hair is extremely straight. So to make them curly I just twist my wet hair on a foam hair curlers and leave them to dry. I add some hair srpay after that too keep them curled. They become straight in a hour if I don't use a hair spray.

 Here's the all outfit:
Hair bows -  made by me.
Emily strange sweeter (second had shop)
Black laced skirt with double ruffles and a lacing on the back. (second hand shop)
Boots...old as a hell :D From a local shoe shop.

Sorry for the plaid on the chair :D Our flat is not so big so it's hard to have a clear place for photos :)


Day outfit: coat

Here comes outfit of the day. Nothing special. Just going outside to buy some food. I like the coat except, that it's way to big. I bought it when I was wearing two size bigger clothes. So now it's two size too big. I'd like it to be more tight.
My hair has a strange color in these photos. I never thought they could look that way :)

I've been wondering about my hair lately... i want to change the way it look, but I just not sure how I want them to look. Maybe it autumn playing around. I hope I wont do any stupid thing to them...


DIY Hair clips: a perfect present for a perfect cost

I was doing some DIY yesterday. i had some plane clips in my drawer and decided to make some use of them. I love big bowed hair clips. I love small and subtle, cute and elegant hair clips. I love them, but I don't wear them a lot. My hair is so slick and straight that the clips usually fall out :( But I still try to do my best so I usually wear them with tossed or tied up hair. However, it doesn't mean I can not make them :D
So here they are....
 Cute Gothic Lolita bows.

 A bat bow clip. 

 A heart shaped hair clip.

 I love how it sits in my hair.

 Victorian sea shell cameo hair clip. cameo is made by me too.

 A spider clip.
 I had made  this spider brooch long time ago. I decided to put it to use by making a clip from it. You can make lots of adorable hair clips just by gluing some nice jewelry peaces you have to a simple plane hair clip.

Here are all my work results. Making your own hair clips it the most simple way to have your own unique ( in any style you like) hair accessories.  And such a lovely handmade accessory is a perfect gift for your sister friend or even mother (if she wears ones). And it doesn't cost a fortune. These ones cost nothing for me. I made them from scraps I had at home.

My working place :D

Here's some simple and nice tutorials and ideas:
 So get busy ;) Holidays are coming soon.