Curly hair Oh, beware!!

I find curly hair very attractive. That's  because my own hair is extremely straight. So to make them curly I just twist my wet hair on a foam hair curlers and leave them to dry. I add some hair srpay after that too keep them curled. They become straight in a hour if I don't use a hair spray.

 Here's the all outfit:
Hair bows -  made by me.
Emily strange sweeter (second had shop)
Black laced skirt with double ruffles and a lacing on the back. (second hand shop)
Boots...old as a hell :D From a local shoe shop.

Sorry for the plaid on the chair :D Our flat is not so big so it's hard to have a clear place for photos :)


  1. Adorable! I love the curly hair and bows. Great outfit!

  2. I love your hair like that! It really suits you <3 (wish I could find amazing sweaters like that at my second hand shop haha)

  3. Wearing your hair curly is very flattering for your face, not too mention I like the black mixed in with your red hair :)

  4. You look SO cute!! The hair (especially with the bows), the skirt, everything! I can't get my hair to stay curled even with hair spray. It looks great on you with your hair color!

  5. Your hair looks really nice like that :) Red curls are lovely :3

  6. Super cute with the curls! That outfit looks really cute on you too!