Day outfit: coat

Here comes outfit of the day. Nothing special. Just going outside to buy some food. I like the coat except, that it's way to big. I bought it when I was wearing two size bigger clothes. So now it's two size too big. I'd like it to be more tight.
My hair has a strange color in these photos. I never thought they could look that way :)

I've been wondering about my hair lately... i want to change the way it look, but I just not sure how I want them to look. Maybe it autumn playing around. I hope I wont do any stupid thing to them...


  1. I agree the coat is 'nothing special', but with your hair, hair bows, scarf and skirt the colors and patterns make it all super cute as an outfit! :)

  2. Thank you :) Well, I would like to get a military one or a super long coat. Since i always end looking uber girly wearing this one :D