Makeup bee

I've created  an account on Makeup bee :) 

You can find it here :) --->>
There is so many looks to explore and to share your own. A great site, I would say.

I found some unused fabric and decided to make a jabot and a pair of cuffs from it. It came out quite nice except that the fabric has a pattern of cheetah. Well, It had to be just a practice, but now I don't want to threw them away.

I think I'll dye them in black hoping  it will cover the animal print... On the other hand it looked quite interesting with a black jacket and a ripped black pants plus an 80's hairstyle that looked a little bit like this...


  1. Very good idea! These look like they would be easy to make. I never thought that such a simple pattern could look so fancy! I even kinda like the leopard print. ;)