DIY: Gothic frame hooks

So, in one post I have mentioned I bought framed hooks similar to these.

The pictures were not very impressive but I had an idea to change them to fit my taste. So I ripped off the pics, painted all frames in black acrylic paints and with a smallest paint brush I could find I draw a new pic.
And here is the result.

They hang in our kitchen,as you see.

You can have many different variation with these such as

I like this last the most. I'm thinking about making more of them. You can glue your or your friends pictures, paint the frames, glue beads to it or decorative flowers. Glue details like bats, skulls, cameos. Glue something into the frame like tiny cup, parasol or any pendant you don't wear any more. You can put a mirror in, or a love letter. There are many options:)

It's just a tiny details for now. I still want my bloody bath with bloody mat and curtains. A mirror with candel holders in the vestibule and other stuff. But since it's only a second month for us living here we have only posters and my handmade bats.

 As you can see I am a fan of pillows :D Photo taken while preparing for a BJD fan meet :) new clothes end etc. My little boy will be neo East military man or something like that. Lots of black and some red :D

I just learned that Bullet for my Valentine is quite a nice band. All my life for unknown reason I was confusing them for My chemical romance :((( Only when I saw this poster that is now  hanging on our wall, I realized my mistake :/

We got the place absolutely empty, so the first thing on our list was furniture. Now that we got it, we'll do more decorations.


Gothic jewelry: Celestial Maiden

Ah, I forgot to post my new creation here. It's a beautiful and made choker I named "Celestial maiden".

Why such a name? Because I felt like one wile trying it on :D The choker is decorated with beautiful black laces. I could not decide should they go up or down. That's why I just sew all the other details in the way it would be possible to wear it both ways. :D 

The little heart is actually an onyx. I love onyx. I heard it'a a stone of witches and sorcerers. 
Ah, it would be nice to have a girl to model my jewelry. I wonder if I could find one where I live... So, Lithuanian Goth girls if you want to play a model for me, just contact me;)


Alchemy Gothic Sacred Heart

I finally had a chance to get another beauty made by Alchemy Gothic. I bought it second handed, but it's still in a perfect condition so you wouldn't guess it's not directly from the store :) I wrote to the seller the same minute I sow it. I had no doubts that I want it. No, not want it. I desire it :D And so now I'm an owner of a Sacred heart :)

Isn't it a beauty. I just love it. It's more gorgeous in reality ;)

 The red color is actually bright as blood :) My camera was probably jealous and stole the redness :D The roses carves are really detailed. The piece itself is simple but so elegant and has that enchantment that all Alchemy Gothic creations do. It has black ribbons that gives the soft look and is more suitable for this pendant then a chain.

 How do I look? Oh, I love it. It makes me want for more of Alchemy beauties :) It's an addiction :D 

Don't mind the kitty ears. As my bf said " you wear them so I could not be angry on you for anything". And I said "Nya" :D

P.S.  My hair have almost grown back as it was before I cut them :D


Reality vs expectation

You know, when you go out and you dress up to look all fancy :D? You look at the mirror and think "Oh, I look quite good" and sometimes even "Oh, I look fantastic!!!".But then you go out, have a photo taken and what you see is absolutely not the gorgeous person that was in a mirror before you left...

I have quite some of them :D

It's a nice photo and my friend looks really beautiful, but.. what the F.. I'm doing with that pose O_O
I find myself looking like ...hm.. I just don't  like it. I liked my self in a mirror mush more.

The make up looked so nice but suddenly in the photo I look like wearing non :( ... P.S. The skull pendant  the girl on the right is wearing was my gift for here. You see, it was her birthday party :) 

There exist such photos in which you look better then you think you was looking.

Like this one. I thought my fridge were to short and my hair to red. But, damn. I like myself  here. It was a meeting of youth of our town who study and live in Vilnius now (capital of Lithuania). So I tried to look not to edgy but dark enough to be myself.  Bingo :D

Me at the pub with coworkers. I tried to look as simple as I could. I only chose to wear my Alchemy Gothic necklace. But I think I still look good :D 

Me in the center. Give me a puffy skirt and here you have a Gothic Lolita :D I love how... hmm dignified I look :D It was a poetry book presentation. I dressed just dark enough, but I had no mood for heaver stuff. I even was wearing a black denim pants. I'm not a fan of trousers. I have only black denim trouser - the main trousers, red zebra trousers I don't were, but they look so nice I can't sell it. And  black trousers made to look more alternative by adding buckles on them. I love skirts, since I love hosiery and  long boots. Baaah... Must resist not to go back to black hair color....


New brooch BAT GLIDE

For all bat lovers, here's my new brooch :)

 This lovely brooch is from my new brooch collection "Relic". It's made from blood red fabric and is decorated with black lace, leather bats and beautiful beads. It's abour 10 x10 cm size. 
You can wear it on a jacket , shirt or even on your bag. All my brooches are one of a kind since it's imposible to make a 
replica that would look exactly alike. Every purchase from Deadly Cherries comes nicely packed and loaded with love ;)

Thanks for watching. Check my Etsy for more :)


Dark Gothic brooches "Relics"

Long no seen. I'm happy to final have something to post about. I have a new colection of brooches and photos of my new flat. How ever the photos were taked when we had olmost no furniture and the my camera webt out of charge just when I was prepering to take photos of the flat with furniture (since we allready have it). So I'll leave it for the next post and here are my new creations :)

  Hanged by love...
This one is my favorite. I love how delicate it came out :)

 Forever Lolita
Sweet and dark at the same moment. A little bit stubborn but still adorable.

 Broken heart can be fixed
And be even more beautiful then before

 Sealed away
Waiting to be released, to be free again as our inner desires we don't want to recognize.

Thanks for watching :) I hope  you enjoyed it :)
All of them now on my Etsy shop.