Dark Gothic brooches "Relics"

Long no seen. I'm happy to final have something to post about. I have a new colection of brooches and photos of my new flat. How ever the photos were taked when we had olmost no furniture and the my camera webt out of charge just when I was prepering to take photos of the flat with furniture (since we allready have it). So I'll leave it for the next post and here are my new creations :)

  Hanged by love...
This one is my favorite. I love how delicate it came out :)

 Forever Lolita
Sweet and dark at the same moment. A little bit stubborn but still adorable.

 Broken heart can be fixed
And be even more beautiful then before

 Sealed away
Waiting to be released, to be free again as our inner desires we don't want to recognize.

Thanks for watching :) I hope  you enjoyed it :)
All of them now on my Etsy shop.


  1. Hi, I just tagged You in my Liebster Award post :)


  2. Oh your little brooches are so beautiful!! Lots of lovely details on them <3. I must add you to my favourites on my etsy! :)

  3. ;D Thanks, Linnea - Maria :) I'm glad you like them. It was a project that started in my mind a year ago. I still have the sketches. But the final product looks different :D Few others brooches are on their way to. I'm just waiting for my free day to make them :) I myself love the "Hanged by love". It was the smallest heart and I thought that it wont look good. But as I sat there and looked at it, the details started to appear :) One by one. I had a long pause between my last work and these. It's such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to create something again.

  4. Wow they are so special and pretty :D