New brooch BAT GLIDE

For all bat lovers, here's my new brooch :)

 This lovely brooch is from my new brooch collection "Relic". It's made from blood red fabric and is decorated with black lace, leather bats and beautiful beads. It's abour 10 x10 cm size. 
You can wear it on a jacket , shirt or even on your bag. All my brooches are one of a kind since it's imposible to make a 
replica that would look exactly alike. Every purchase from Deadly Cherries comes nicely packed and loaded with love ;)

Thanks for watching. Check my Etsy for more :)


  1. Ooooh they are gorgeous! When I have cash I may get one! Xxxx:)

  2. This is lovely!

  3. Uh hem.. did you say BATS???!!!
    OBSESSED. I need one of these :D