Cute stuff: Ice molds and other

So, I've moved recently with my boyfriend. It's a two room flat with a small kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is small, but at least the bath is big :D I don't have many stuff. My most precious ones are my bjd Haru and my sewing machine. And a laptop. And that's all. Everything else are clothes and little stuff I can't get rid off, cause they are gifts with memories and so on. But I really hate to have many things. Usually because I don't stay long in one place. And I hate packing stuff. I really do. It took a 1 hour to pack my belonging from the old flat and still it was a bother.
But it's not what I want to talk. I hate packing stuff, but I love having lots of cute stuff at home that would present me, would be unique funny and so on :D So I started to look for cute items to have at home at Ebay. And first thing I ordered were these ice molds. They were to cheap and to cute not to order :D

I like how it sinks :D My darling likes to drink whiskey, so he can sink some icebergs in it :D And for me there will be a vampire teeth :D

The mold even have a coffin shape. How cool is that :D

I also want to order the brain molds and guitar molds :)

Great for the parties on this hot summer :D

Other things on my "Must have list:

A camera lens cup/mug

I like this photo :D
I just happen to have a friend with a professional photo camera. Muahahaa!

A keyboard shaped cups

For sweet, salads, nuts or ice creams :D The best part is that they still look cool while not in use ;)

The blood bath mat... 

...but it's way too expensive. I'll just have to make one :) But I like the idea ;)

I also both hooks with little frames on them ...just like these.

They will be painted over with something more "us" :D 

I know it's not completely our apartment, but we are staying there for at least a year and I want it to be a place I long to come back :) We got it without furniture and bought only the ones we needed: a bed, a sofa for the living room, wardrobe, cupboard and a kitchen table. We need a chest with drawers and that's all. Well, I need it more, sine I'm planing to make it a living place for my ball jointed doll. The point is that there are no old stinky furniture :D  I'll post some photos of the apartment later ;)

The Item I failed to get. :(
I saw it in the morning and at the evening it was sold. I'm never hesitating to buy it again. I see one. I buy... :/

We really  wanted this broken heart... If I won't get one. I'll have to order one to be made from silver.


Devil Stone or Lithuanian subculture

In the middle of July when sun is hot and weather is beautiful a fest cold Devil stone is held :) (what a sentence :D) I have visited it 3 times and this weekend it will be the 4th time :D I can't wait. it takes 4 days and some of my friends are already building their camps on the camp side but I still have work. It officially starts tomorrow, but I'll be hitting there on Friday. This time I promised my self to stay awake during the nigh since this is the time when the real fun starts. The concerts starts at 5 p.m and continuous till 1 a.m. Then the old school daces take the place and you can dance yourself out to 80 rock hits :D Well, you can read about the fest  here. It's to much to write. Maybe next year you'll want a visit it to. I could be your host :D
Any way, I can't wait to get out from the city and spend tree days in listening to music I like, seeing people I like and having a huge amount of fun :D 

By the way, local exorcists and priest always make a big uproar on this fest. Yes, we still have things like that but they only occur occasionally. When fest like that are held and when Marilyn Manson comes :D It's always fun to read the posts of priests and nuns about the lurking evil, our lost souls and the worshiping of satan by playing evil computer games such as Pockemones XD (I'm telling true). 

Here's some photos from 20011 and 2010 Devil stone. 


Me on the left... with a friend

the camp side 

with a friend

Devil stone  2011

Me und my sister


Stage... Local band. What hair!!! :D

Here's T shirt of this year :)

I'll be going for the black one and cutting the neckline to make it bigger as soon as I get it :D 
I want it to look like this.

Much better :) 
I can't resist to modify it :D 

So, the next post probably will be about my adventures there ;)


Goths in nature

So on 23th of June  we went  to my sister's (and her husband's ) place. Did I mentioned that I'm an aunt now?? :D Yes, I have a month old nephew :) So my sister and her hubby live in a farmstead and we decided to give them a visit :) Since they were busy with the newborn we found a way to entertain ourselves :) We walked around the field, gazed at the horizons and talked about nothing and everything :D  We had little chats with the little family between the feeding time. It was discovered that I'm quite good at calming my nephew :) he fell to sleep after a few minutes after I took him on my arms. And was calmly sleeping all the time while our men had a ride to a nearest shop for some supplies :D Wuahahahaa
The fun began when the evening came. My Mr. Lynx ( lets call him this way since "Lynx" is his actual nick name) started a fire. It was a good one despite the fact that it took a while to make it :) The ember stayed hot during all night. 
We  had some sausages to fry over the fire not to mention some shashlik.  We wrapped sausages into lavash together with some vegetables and toasted it over fire for less then a minute. It was amazingly tasty. :)So we stayed by a fire singing song we remembered ( HIM and Lake of Tears were included :), drinking vine, smoking and chatting. 
It started to rain early in the morning and we enjoyed the sound of rain pouring down on the tin roof. So here's some more photos from our stay :)


Milky way?? Fun with eyeliner.

I used the bamboo skewer for applying the eyelineer. The sharp end was for small spots and the blunt was for the bigger  ones. I just taped it into the eyeliner tube and started putting the spots  in desirable way :) The effect would be more astonishing with more dark multicolored shadows. But I was doing it at the end of day just for the practice :) 

Out fit of the day. It was simple. I just went to my friend place which is 2 min. away from where I resident at the moment :D We had a little photo session for our dollies and it ended having a little black/white story. It was really fun making our dollies to pose  according to a story that just came to our minds while doing random shots :D Well I was just making my darling to pose and holding the lamp during the session but it's non less important work. It's hard to be a good lamp holder :D Some photos of my darling bjd are at my Deviant art.