Goths in nature

So on 23th of June  we went  to my sister's (and her husband's ) place. Did I mentioned that I'm an aunt now?? :D Yes, I have a month old nephew :) So my sister and her hubby live in a farmstead and we decided to give them a visit :) Since they were busy with the newborn we found a way to entertain ourselves :) We walked around the field, gazed at the horizons and talked about nothing and everything :D  We had little chats with the little family between the feeding time. It was discovered that I'm quite good at calming my nephew :) he fell to sleep after a few minutes after I took him on my arms. And was calmly sleeping all the time while our men had a ride to a nearest shop for some supplies :D Wuahahahaa
The fun began when the evening came. My Mr. Lynx ( lets call him this way since "Lynx" is his actual nick name) started a fire. It was a good one despite the fact that it took a while to make it :) The ember stayed hot during all night. 
We  had some sausages to fry over the fire not to mention some shashlik.  We wrapped sausages into lavash together with some vegetables and toasted it over fire for less then a minute. It was amazingly tasty. :)So we stayed by a fire singing song we remembered ( HIM and Lake of Tears were included :), drinking vine, smoking and chatting. 
It started to rain early in the morning and we enjoyed the sound of rain pouring down on the tin roof. So here's some more photos from our stay :)


  1. It seems like a perfect place for a nice holiday. YOur pictures makes me long for our summer cottage.

  2. Hey I tagged you for an award http://gothicphantomcat.blogspot.ie/2012/07/liebster-award.html