Milky way?? Fun with eyeliner.

I used the bamboo skewer for applying the eyelineer. The sharp end was for small spots and the blunt was for the bigger  ones. I just taped it into the eyeliner tube and started putting the spots  in desirable way :) The effect would be more astonishing with more dark multicolored shadows. But I was doing it at the end of day just for the practice :) 

Out fit of the day. It was simple. I just went to my friend place which is 2 min. away from where I resident at the moment :D We had a little photo session for our dollies and it ended having a little black/white story. It was really fun making our dollies to pose  according to a story that just came to our minds while doing random shots :D Well I was just making my darling to pose and holding the lamp during the session but it's non less important work. It's hard to be a good lamp holder :D Some photos of my darling bjd are at my Deviant art.

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