Jacket that has been renewed

So, one day my darling was picking over his stuff to see what has to stay for the summer and what is good to go to the trash bin. He pooled out a classic black denim jacket, looked at it and decided it was good to go. What??? I had to stop him here. First of all it was black, second, it was in a very good condition and third, it was his size and not oversized thing like almost all stuff ( why do boys always wear at least one size bigger clothes?) :D I told him I'll turn it into something wearable by adding detail. The request was to make it look Goth/punk but not Visual Key. So I accepted the challenge!

 Here it is after a few changes. I didn't wanted to over do it. It looks great on him some how punkish and dark.

 I sew some details on the shoulders. I had them from an old shirt of mine. I was about to threw out the shirt when a good friend of mine told me to always cut out the cool details in order to use them on other clothes. That was a really good idea :>

I also sewed D rings on the front . These are from an old skirt that got burst. I love D rings. I attach them where ever I can :D Pants, skirts, jacket... Even my BJD doll has a jacket with a D ring on it. Even two. Oh, I love my little boy soooo much :D But this post is about jacket ;)

So, next... Zippers. They make a cool detail too and I always have some around. Not to mention they are cheap. I like them because you can take a plain pair of pants and turn them into this just by sewing some zippers;) So green light for zippers!!!

 Buckles... I don't know what I like more. D rings or buckles.Well, my man loves buckles, so I just hat to add some :) One was around arm and the other was on the back of the jacket. I would have added more, but I only had those two at that moment...  

There also should be a nice back patch like this one. Well,  you can keep pimping your jacket all the time till it will be a one big great story you will show to your  grandchildren :D 

It's me wearing it just to take photos. It looks much better on him ^_^

Gothically Yours....


  1. WOW! This jacket looks great. I would think it came from the store like that. good inspiration

  2. I know what you mean with the guys wearing sizes too big! The hunny I have fits in about a medium but wears L/XL most of the time. It's like gah! At least I've stopped him from all XXL/XL all the time and gotten him to wear larges :D The XLs looked like a sheet!

    I love the jacket!! Did you use a sewing machine or hand stitch?

  3. Fantastic job on the jacket! I love D rings and buckles, too. :)

  4. Lady Bethezda, thanks. I'm glad it looks like from store. That means I did a good job ;)

    Britt, I used sewing machine. The the zipper was sewed by hands since it goes over the inner pocket. It's much easer to do it with sewing machine. I started to compliment my man a lot how fantastic he looks in smaller sizes. That hellped a lot ;)

    Bane, Thanks. I'm glad you like it since to me you are some kind of God of DIY ;)

  5. I would kill for that jacket. It's amazing! I desperately need to find myself a denim jacket. I've been searching for months, but I really don't want to settle for a blue one...
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

  6. :D Thanks. Yes denim jacket are perfect for all kinds of decoration :D