Review: contact lense Piano case

How do you like the new look of my blog??? ;) I like to change it time to time.

So todays post id a review of an contact lense case from Ebay.
I ordered this beautiful case and now it came. I really love the way it looks. Lovely little piano. And its so wonderfully black :)

It's smooth and very nice to touth. It's a size of my palm (7 x 7 x 2 cm) :D and is very compackt.
 I love how the keys stands out.

 So we got lots of stuff inside: a pair of lense tweezers and cases, lense soliuton container, a forceps and a mirror.

I find all of them very useful.If I go somewhere for a sleepover I usally change to glasses in the evening. So I have to cary my lence case and  a big bottle of lens soliution. And I always forget to take them with me on my way home. And now it's everything in one place. Even a mirror and tweezers. Those are verry useful when you wear lenses during a weekend festival where you have to sleep in a tent and not always have a chance to wash your hands properly. I hate tatching my eyse with dirty hands and the lense get all dirty too :( I hope this problem will disapear using a tweezer. Has anybody tried it befor?

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