Lady deer of the forest or enchanted Forest Lolita

Since I made those black deer horns I can not get an image out of my head. An image of Gothic Lolita wearing a horns. More specific -  a magical deer lady in Gothic lolita outfit. So cute:3  She would have hooves and little tail and those adorable horns. Not to forget the face marks... Heres a set inspired by this vision of mine. I do love the dress on the left. I'ts adorable. It's looks more like a coat and a dress to me but still I love it :3
Forest Lolita

This is a drawing I've found that is nearest to my vision of the whole set.

You can find it at Dark Victorian.
I love it. 

I started gathering the set. I got the outfit, horns and other stuff. But I need hooves. And these are perfect. I just need to find a time to make them :) 

Awwww... they are soooo adorable.
So, what do you think about my Forest Lolita ?? :D


  1. I love the cloven hoof boots! How on earth were those made? I really want a pair <3

  2. The hooves are amazing! I've seen a lot of neat shoes without heels and I beleive theese work similar. YOu put together a perfect outfit!

  3. Yes, those are like heelless shoos. I would love to make a pair just to see if they are wearible at all. I wonder if its posible to wera them for a whole hour or two :D You can find the tutorials on youtube ;) but they all use different method, so I'll have to combine them and make my own :3