Red and black Lolita

Lately I lost my head for Gothic Lolita...It's funny how...funny it is :D I always loved the way gothic fashion can vary from sweet and innocent look to almost devilish :D  Well, I guess it's the sweet period for me and it has nothing to do with the thing that my boyfriend is a gothic Lolita fan :D Well, maybe a little bit.  I think this will be a longer phase then usually. But it's such a fun to reorganize my wardrobe and gather new stuff...or reconstruct the old ones. I guess we all time to time need new influence to our wardrobes :D
I got some really useful tips for creating my Gothic Lolita wardrobe at FYaeh Lolita .
It's really helpful if You are like me and want your new style to evolve right now :D It's really great that Gothic Lolita goes almost side by side with Gothic romantic Victorian style. So there are a lot of Item I can combine and mix to create more mature Lolita. At least I'll try. So for this red and black theme I'll give you Red and black Lolita inspiration. Something I would gladly try myself. And I will ;)

Red and Black Gothic Lolita

Red and Black Gothic Lolita by audronasha featuring mary jane shoes

I hope you like it. Next time it will be me wearing black and red Lolita, I promise ;)

Kisses :)

Happy Loly time!


  1. This dark red jacket is adorable. Unfortunately I can't wear those blazer-cuts, I either look like I would be wearing my scool uniform or like working in a bank.
    But nontheless, I like them and I can adore them.
    But the handbag would suit the rest of my wardrobe, I suppose.

  2. That's an adorable collection of clothes and accessories! :) Very inspiring!


  3. Great Polyvore! Ooh, those shoes are so ME. I want them! :) I totally agree with your observation on the diversity of fashion within the Goth culture. That's what makes it so endearing!

  4. Thanks :)

    Ette: I tried to pic Items most similar to the ones I have. Unfortunatly, Jacket is the one I don't have in any version :D I learned the the secretary look depend on the hairdo a lot to. Try making it look more romantic maybe ;)

    MadamNoir: Thanks. I'm glad it's useful :)

    VictorianKitty: I'm drooling for those shoes to. The match with red is perfect. And I know they are comfortable too :D By the way, I adore your collection of shoes :D :3