Halloween head decoration: Enchanted deer

The night of Halloween is tomorrow. I'll be working late but I'm still hoping to hop in at the local alternative club to relax a little bit. I'll have  a little time to prepare so I planing to use tricks such as my black wig and a head piece I created specially for it:)  The puffy skirt and black jacket will do the rest. And who needs a heavy make up with a heavy hair accessory like this :D

It took about one hour to make it. I had a plain band, lace, ribbons, skull and unpainted little deer horns. I just made bows and then glued everything how I liked it to be :)

The horns and bird skull are made from modelling material that dries in 24 hours. These horns were made for my BJD Haru. But they were unfinished so I thought "what the hell..." and combined them into my  hair piece. I do love those little horns. I have big ones too ;) The bird skull is quite easy to make, but you must be neat or else it will look wrong. Skulls are always perfectly shaped, that's why I like them, but a real skull is something I could not wear. I feel strange wearing a fox fur too. On the other hand I have no problem with leather boots or corsets and stuff...

I bought the wig on Ebay after I was surprised by the quality of the cosplay wig at my friends home.  So I searched  ordered  this one in black.

I always was wondering how those Lolitas had such perfect hair. Now I know :D

It costed ...11$ with shipping so I decided to try and I wasn't disappointed. It was shiny black and full volume wig. The synthetic hair is quite soft. The best you can expect for such price. The curls were really nice but I kinda brushed them of. They were to perfect. But I think you can remake them with hot steam. It's a pity I don't have a wig stand so I can model it only on my own head and sometimes it's hard to handle it.

trimmed the fringe a little since they were way to long and that long doesn't look so good on me. It doesn't look exactly but I like it non less. The problem is that I find this black to perfectly healthy looking. It looks to good. I thinking about ordering another one hat would be brown and shorter. I'd love to wear it on daily bases but I feel I want something more simple ;) or shorter at least. It's hard to handle such a bundle of hair :D

Something like this :) (I love spited color wigs)

or this

I also ordered these shoes from Bodyline.

I'll write a review as soon as I'll get them.

Well, thanks for reading;)


Day outfit: Casual Gothic Lolita inspired

 So I went to check some fabrics today. The weather is cold and I hate it. My warm coat is at my fathers house and I need to go 300 km to pick it.  It takes 3 hours to go there by train. I think I'll have to do that on weekend, because it's getting to cold with my thin autumn coat. Here's today outfit. 

High collar black shirt, striped shrug, high waist skirt, moss green stockings. I'm wearing a puffy kera punk skirt under this one to give it at least some shape.

The big sleeves can be removed. I made them myself. I would were them if I would go to meet someone at a cafe or other place. But since I was off to do some shopping, it stayed at home. I just wanted to show it to you ;) 

Here's the short sleeves. I'm still thinking should I order the petticoat or make it myself. 

Make up is quite light. I put black shadows on the corners and blended it with dark brown. The hair is simple too. Just two pony tails. I'd love to have some black flowers in it. I'll make something nice and acceptable for me to wear. Bows are just not my type of hair accessory. But I do think that hair accessories complete the look ;)

 One of my purses I have. I think it fits perfect with this outfit.

 There is a bat bow on it. I made it myself and attached with hot glue. I saw the purse on charity shop and decided that I really need it. It's a perfect little light purse when all you take with yourself is phone, perfume, wallet and home keys;)

And here's my today catch. Demonia black faux suede charade.

They need a little bit cleaning  I wanted Demonia charades for long time, so I picked them despite that they were a little bit small for me. I'll try to wear them at home to see if they will stretch a little. I know there a tricks to make shoes bigger. I have real suede heels that were small at first but I sprayed the inner part with alcohol and walked with them at home and they stretched and now a perfect. If these Demonia beauties will do the same, I'll decorate them to look more fancy, if not, I'll try to trade it into something similar :/

"The heel is about 11 cm and the platform is about 5 cm. So the real high of the heel is 6 cm and they are quite comfortable to walk" - that's what I said to the cashier when she asked are they comfortable to wear. She replayed that the running in these still wouldn't be comfortable. I laughed and said that I'm not wearing them for jogging :D She smiled to my answer :)

Thats' all. Thanks for reading :3


Obsesed with of Lolita fashion

Lolita fashion can be obsessive for sure. I swore that today won't be any outfits gazing. Guess again... :) I like it so much it hurts. I don't remember when I liked something that much :) If talking about brands, I myself find "Baby, the stars shines bright" the most attractive. The Vampire requiem I ordered is originally their print :) I find many of they models very attractive.

I even thinking about getting their dress for my birthday. I think I'll go with re-owned one. I'm still not that obsessed to pay 300 dollars for a dress. Sorry, I love dolls more and since it cost half  price of a good ball jointed doll, I would pick doll. I already spend half of AI budget on my requiem skirt and shoes :D 
I think I'll be making the skirts and dresses for myself, since I find only the one with interesting prints worth buying. Everything else can be made:) 
I checked Etsy for Lolita stuff and it was strange, that some sellers wanted 200 - 300 dollars for their pieces. Well, yes, the prints were nowhere seen but the luck of nice details made the dress...boring.
And from all blogs I've red I can say, that for 300 doll most Lolita fashion lovers, including me, would choose a brand dress. I don't think it's polite to poke at those sellers since I'm a seller myself, so there will be no pic of those dresses. Sorry :P
Reading lots of good and bad blogs helped me to understand the non-written rules of good coordinating of Lolita wardrobe. I'm not perfect but definitely better then before.

Here some blogs I started fallowing:
I thought there was more but suddenly I can't find them at my list :D

I already fallowing:

I mainly like Elegant Gothic Lolita 

The aristocrat Lolita. Gothic and aristocratic looks sometimes quite similar to me.

and Bittersweet Lolita (on the right).

 I can't help, there is a cuteness spot in me. And those sweet prints in black look perfect :)  I want that kind of dress too. I'll try to coordinate something tomorrow... because it's my day off !! :D


Spam post :D Bat in my hat (mind)

Just made an order for this beauty!!!!
Happy happy happy!! Hope it will reach me till Christmas :P

This hair band would be perfect for the set :)

 It's a new creation by me. Just for the theme :D You can find it at my Etsy.


Day outfit: casual Lolita inspired

Hello hello. Today was may day off. How I love them. I can become a human again :D So, I had a meeting today and that gave me reason to leave my PJ at bed since I sometimes skip the part of getting dressed when I have day off in a week day. That's laziness that imprisones me in my PJ almost for all day. But this time it was different so I had to make myself look good. As influenced by Lolita fashion I'm now so is my outfit  a little bit Loli :)

 It's cold outside so no blouses. I choose a sweeter. It's not so very Lolita but lets call it casual Gothic Lolita, OK?;) Oh, I really need a good petticoat :( I want more puffiness!!!! The puffed skirt takes away the height. And that is good. Let's look optically smaller ;) It's a plus in Lolita (for me).

I think some curls would make a better look. But my hair is so week I'm afraid to use a anything hot. Next time I'll twist them while they are wet and leave them to dry :)

                                                   I snatched this dress at Second Hand shop.

. I'll upgrade it with laces for sure :) and show it on next post probably :) I also checked out the local fabric shop near me and have found some wonderful fabric with beautiful prints :D Can't wait to get them, not to mention they had a lot of beautiful laces to. I'm planing to make myself a nice Lolita skirt :) 



Vampire Requiem: a gift for myself for being good this year :D

I was bitten by Lolita bug lately and I spend so much time watching outfits it hurts my eyes. Really. I even was told to buy the skirt I want and to stop moaning about how beautiful it is. The good thing is that I can have a replica and I will, cause the real stuff is way to expensive for me. 

And what I want is this Vampire Requiem corset skirt. And I want it in bloody red. I'm ordering it or else I'll dye from gazing at it. I'm  cheering like a child just after saying "Yes,you can have it." to myself. Wait, till I'll get it. Oh, Lolita bug, you'll kill me. 
I know this Lolita bug will withdraw sooner or latter as it always dose (and then will attack unexpectedly again O_O ) But this skirt is a piece that not only Lolitas can wear. Oh, that lovely red and elegant print... It will fit so good with my black stripped jacket.

What can I say, the older I get, the better my wardrobe becomes :D New clothes always makes a girl happy :)
So is there a dress, a skirt or any other piece you dream about but don't allow yourself to have it?
I just did. It feels good :)


Making a Lolita skirt

This all week I was reading a lot of Lolita blogs and all those skirts and dresses looked so beautiful I almost ordered one. But I'm saving money for new ball jointed doll so that will have to wait a little bit. It was my day off so I decided to clean my closet,  to sort summer outfits from winter and put them in a box. There was one unfinished skirt. I bought fabric for it almost two years ago and wanted to make a Victorian skirt from it. But I stuck on frills and left it to be. 

The body of the skirt was made to big and I was to lazy to remake it. 

Also I had this unfinished project. I wanted to reconstruct this laced skirt to a puffy Lolita skirt, but it was to short so I let it be thinking that I'll decide what to do later. And I'm glad I did. Because looking at those two skirt I had an perfect idea to combine them. And so I did...

I took the bottom laces from the black skirt and attached to the red one.

 There even was a lace over-left so I thought I'll make a nice cuffs from it. But when I put them on a skirt to make photo, I sow that they look perfect as little cute pockets.

 So pockets they become...

 I took second row of laces from the black skirt, ironed them and sew them on the red skirt leaving a gap between them.

 The back. I also made the waist smaller by plating it a little bit at the top.

 I didn't have any image of the skirt as I started. I just recalled the skirt I've seen and details I liked. So I kept sewing laces on till I was happy with the look.

 I decided to give more classic look to the skirt by pooling ribbon between the lace.

 I covered ends of the ribbon with cute bows.

 And added bows to the pockets as well.

Here's the final look.

I'm really glad how it turned out. A real Lolita skirt. At least I think it is ;) I just need to get a petticoat to make it look more puffy.

 There was some lace left so I made socks toppers by adding ribbons to the lace. Super fast and easy. I don't think a tutorial is needed :)

Well. I'm SUPER happy with it. I hope I'll wear it because somehow all things I make for myself ends up hanging in the wardrobe. I promised myself to wear it tomorrow for a walk if it will be sunny outside :)

The skirt goes perfect with my Victorian jacket. Can you see how long my legs look?? I was surprised myself :)  That's because the skirt holds on my waist and not on my hips it optically makes my legs look longer. 

Update: After days of lurking in Lolita blogs I resume that while the skirt might be called Lolita skirt it still need a bigger puff (so I need a petticoat), the socks need to be higher or there  are no need of any. And there is a good reason you don't see my hair. The hairdo is a must to (and I was plane Jane at that moment :D )


Demonia out of ideas???

I don't know what is these days with me and replicas :) They just keep popping before me.  Like these Demonia boots that reminded me( a lot!!!)  of NEW ROCK boots.

The metal heel, over top lacing and buckles were always the New Rock stuff. Or am I wrong?? It's just not nice. And a little bit sad. To me it's the same as the brand admits that it is out of any new ideas.