Making a Lolita skirt

This all week I was reading a lot of Lolita blogs and all those skirts and dresses looked so beautiful I almost ordered one. But I'm saving money for new ball jointed doll so that will have to wait a little bit. It was my day off so I decided to clean my closet,  to sort summer outfits from winter and put them in a box. There was one unfinished skirt. I bought fabric for it almost two years ago and wanted to make a Victorian skirt from it. But I stuck on frills and left it to be. 

The body of the skirt was made to big and I was to lazy to remake it. 

Also I had this unfinished project. I wanted to reconstruct this laced skirt to a puffy Lolita skirt, but it was to short so I let it be thinking that I'll decide what to do later. And I'm glad I did. Because looking at those two skirt I had an perfect idea to combine them. And so I did...

I took the bottom laces from the black skirt and attached to the red one.

 There even was a lace over-left so I thought I'll make a nice cuffs from it. But when I put them on a skirt to make photo, I sow that they look perfect as little cute pockets.

 So pockets they become...

 I took second row of laces from the black skirt, ironed them and sew them on the red skirt leaving a gap between them.

 The back. I also made the waist smaller by plating it a little bit at the top.

 I didn't have any image of the skirt as I started. I just recalled the skirt I've seen and details I liked. So I kept sewing laces on till I was happy with the look.

 I decided to give more classic look to the skirt by pooling ribbon between the lace.

 I covered ends of the ribbon with cute bows.

 And added bows to the pockets as well.

Here's the final look.

I'm really glad how it turned out. A real Lolita skirt. At least I think it is ;) I just need to get a petticoat to make it look more puffy.

 There was some lace left so I made socks toppers by adding ribbons to the lace. Super fast and easy. I don't think a tutorial is needed :)

Well. I'm SUPER happy with it. I hope I'll wear it because somehow all things I make for myself ends up hanging in the wardrobe. I promised myself to wear it tomorrow for a walk if it will be sunny outside :)

The skirt goes perfect with my Victorian jacket. Can you see how long my legs look?? I was surprised myself :)  That's because the skirt holds on my waist and not on my hips it optically makes my legs look longer. 

Update: After days of lurking in Lolita blogs I resume that while the skirt might be called Lolita skirt it still need a bigger puff (so I need a petticoat), the socks need to be higher or there  are no need of any. And there is a good reason you don't see my hair. The hairdo is a must to (and I was plane Jane at that moment :D )


  1. That looks so cute!!! If I find a skirt to revamp I'm totally doing this :)

    1. Oh, yes, you should. I wore it yesterday to a chamber concert and felt fancy as never :D

  2. What a great job! Adorable!

  3. Ingenious! And adorable. :)

  4. That really came together well. Some elitist Lolitas might be snooty because you made it yourself, but I think it's fabulous :3 It's certainly very special because you made it yourself, and nobody will have one just like it. I think threading ribbon through the lace was a brilliant touch. I will have to do that on some of my projects.

    1. Well, I have't seen any Lolitas in my area so that would not be a problem and as a grown up person I value things that are more authentic and unique then brands. The worst thing with brands is that you can meet another person wearing the same dress. I'm glad you like it. The ribbon threading is one of my fave details on Lolita clothing :)

  5. Your new skirt is beautiful ! You did a good job ! =)

  6. You did an amazing job! Great DIY.