Burgundy hair

Time to time there is a period when I slightly loose myself. I get to lazy to dress up, to tired to dye my hair, and to do my make up. Then I go out and every shop window is just making me more irritating :D I'd love to have an invisibility cloak at time like that. I don't want to be gazed at, but I don't want to look common too.

You know how I call this period??

Yes, winter is coming. 
I DO NOT LOVE winter. It's not that I hate it. It's just that I hate the freezing cheeks, nose, hands, the red skin, the flu, the cold mornings when your bed is so worm and nice but still you must get up early because you have a work to do. I envy bears sometimes, I to would like to cuddle cozy in my bed and sleep till the spring comes. We have quite cold winter and I already heard rumors that this one is gone be more colder and even longer.(in Lithuania) Nooo!
The best thing for me to get out from this laziness is to change my appearance. So I usually dye or cut my hair. I want my hair to be long so I avoid cutting, I know I must cut them at least every three moths, but I can't. Instead of that I do cutting once in a year when a madness of "must change the appearance" corrupts me". I did the same last year - I cut my hair drastically. And it was during the last of autumn. So I promised myself that there will be no drastic cutting this year. So I just dyed them instead.

I wanted a darker color so I chose red wine color. I'm tired of the orange but I'm not ready to give up on becoming blond one day just to see how it look. So the black was out of question. Thought it was tempting to color my hair black and then color it red again to get the two color effect that I had 2 years before. At least my hair has reached the length they had before i declared war to the dry black ends :D

I wonder which bangs look better on me?..


  1. I like the first bang picture.

  2. Lmao, I have thought about being a hibernating bear as well, winter sucks. I live in an area that can get slammed by storms pretty hard, and all my classes are early this year so I hope our winter is friendly. Something I hate about winter is how drab it is, so I'll be dying my hair purple to spice things up.

    I like the burgundy, and I have a soft spot for red on black, but I know the struggle to get back to blonde. I've accepted that I probably will never get back to blonde. If you stay burgundy you'll have a better chance of lightening it so it sounds like you're on the right track avoiding black *even though I think either looks good on you.* Between bangs, I fancy the short because it shows off your eyes more.

  3. Oh, yes, purple is nice too. But I don't think my employs would like that color :) So burgundy is the best decisions, since it's dark enough but as all red pigment fades away fast :)