Day outfit: hitting the streets

We are going out for a walk. It was a day of for both of us so we decided to go out, have some coffee and have a pleasant time.
I made the high waist skirt from a XXL skirt :) It was super easy and it's my No.1 Lolita skirt :D now.

People say I should wear contact lenses more often. But I feel naked without my glasses :D Really :D

Dots, my Alchemy sacred heart and my favorite felt flower. 


  1. The skirt is super cute!! And I love your sacred heart! You make me want to dress up, but it's my lazy day today X)

  2. You look very cute! I think you look better when you wear your glasses ^^"

  3. Casual, but very cute! Love the accessories!

  4. It's a lovely outfit, I especially like the skeleton hand clasp on the jacket.