Corsets are the best Goths friends II

It was quite a while since I ordered a new corset. I ordered these beauties (you can see them on "Corsets are the best Goths friends I" in the beginning of the summer and thought that the hunger for this feminine accessory will be gone for a while. But I saw the episode on True blood ( we are re-watching it) where Jessica is visiting Jason wearing  lovely red corset. 

It looked so good that I decided to give another chance to the over bust corsets and ordered this darling :P

I've already got the bloomers :) 
This time I ordered "M" size. Lets pray it will be not only good looking but right fitting too :) I just love this bloody red. I will have it at the end of the month :D I hope.
Well, but that's not all since Pam ( true blood) struck me with this one.

And my soul won't be at rest until she'll get at least two more...
And the candidates for the purchase are these:

Jacquard and fake leather over bust corset

Red and black floral patter under bust corset. I just adore this patters :) 

Oh, if only this one was under bust type... I would get it right away. For now it's in a wish list. We'll see how the thing will turn out with the one I ordered.

I want a black foux leather corset with the buckles too... These ones from Dragon Corsets are very beautiful, but terribly expensive :/

Oh well...

This one is more suitable by price 

I wonder what else will I desire when I'll obtain those pieces :D 
But there is to many of them to ever stop :D
Oh, I could talk about corsets all day. I remember how we got some steel boned corsets ant the lingerie shop I used to work :D. I made my manager to try it on and to feel the luxury feeling of wearing it. She was amazed by the size of her waist :D I was quite good at selling them too :) I always told customers request me to lace the corset if they would want to try it, because it's hard to do it right if you have no knowledge of it at all. And it wouldn't sit right on you.

Corsets I get from Ebay are  usually laced like this.
But it's a WRONG way. This corset will not shape your body to look like a sand watch. To do that, the corset must be laced like this.

The two hoops should be made at the place where your waist is the thinnest. That way the all the tension will be in this part of your waist leaving the chest and hips not so tight. You can browse the Youtube for the lacing videos. There are lot's of them :) My favorite is this :D 

Sebastian is best at this :3

Well, it turned out to be quite long post :).I think this will be enough for today. Thanks for reading. I hope some of it was useful ;)


  1. I love corsets!! I just picked up a few at a garage sale recently. They're really tricky things... I often find it's better to sew my own corsets. Not just for financial reasons, but honestly the generalized sizing in store bought corsets is ridiculous. It's either they expect you to have huge boobs, or no boobs at all; it's never just about waist size.

  2. well, that's why I prefer under-bust type. With them it's always about waist :D I just can't waist for my red one to arrive. It should be there soon :) I hope :p

  3. Underbusts are hard to mess up on for sure X) I own a few, but I've always preferred the look of overbust corsets. I especially prefer them in the summer when I want to avoid layering, and you can't really wear an underbust on it's own (you could, but it would be very erotic lol).
    I look forward to pics of you wearing your new corset! :)

  4. well, I guest this kind of corset would be perfect since it's made from laces http://www.list4all.com/www3/wald203/111-1.jpg?rnd=1327029738 and you can see threw it :D
    I don't like sleeveless tops, so I never wear corset alone;)