Corsets are the best Goths friends Part I

I do LOVE corsets. Every time I see Pam from True blood wearing a corset, I squeak :D. I love how super slim the waist looks in it. How elegant and  expressive the figure becomes. :) Oh, and the styles... There is so many to choose from :) Romantic, steam punk, over bust, under-bust :3 I had a real leather corset that I liked a lot it was an under-bust corset, super comfortable and good looking. well, I still have it, but I lost wight and it became too big. 

It doesn't fall off, but it doesn't tighten my waist too :/ There is much space left as you can see :)

This summer I decided that my weight is not going to change in the future very drastically. So I ordered some corset from Ebay. I find Ebay best for such things since I can get good stuff for good price like my floral pattern black under bust corset. Of course it's sometimes a gamble since you don't really know if the item will look as good as in the photo. But this corset was one of the best purchase of mine :)

I defiantly recommend it as the first corset. It fits with almost all style clothes and the price is really affordable  - about 14 dollars with shipping. It's simple and gorgeous. Material is soft but firm. The floral pattern has a light silky shining and looks fantastic in the light :D It's comfortable and it's well made. I got myself "S" size and and it was perfect to fit my waist of 68 cm and make it even smaller. 
The other one was over bust corset decorated with laces and ribbons. It looked good in photos but not so good in reality. That's when I learned that I like under bust corsets much more. 

first of all the problem was that while the size fitted my waist, it was way to small for my chest :/ It's still looks nice, but the bigger size would cover my whole body more nicely :) Secondly, the front closure had those little hooks that every bra has and it's so damn hard to couple them. That's why from now I choose only corsets that have traditional corset loops. At least it costed only 10 dollars so I didn't overpaid for it :)
For a while I was stalking over under bust corset with straps. I never tried one, but it looked good on others.

I especially loved the back of it. What a lovely bondage. 

I was specifically drooling and still am over this red striped corset with buckles in front.. But it's quite expensive so I decided to order a more cheaper one to see if it will fit me. Oh, thanks Goddess  I did. The one I ordered was the same type just black with little white stripes and had no buckles. I ordered "S" and somehow the straps were to short. They were keeping the corset too high and it was absolutely uncomfortable to wear it :( Really, the straps should be adjustable:(  I had to add additional length to them and still it feel like the corset it self is too short for my waist. And I happen to have a long one. 

I also added some buckles in front to make it look more like the red corset that I still want :D It looks really good now, but is not very cozy to wear. And you might not believe but a good sizing does make corsets a comfortable and not torturing piece of your wardrobe;).
So, after being disappointed with over bust and vest type corsets I decided to stuck on under bust ones since it was more easy to pick the size :D So I ordered a simple black satin over bust corset just because I can... :) 

It's simple, nice, comfortable and fits any style :) But I have an urge to decorate it with laces to transform it to a more unique item. I always drool over corsets decorated with laces as well as over the floral patter of black and red :D Or maybe I'll keep it like that because according to Adora BatBrat '' A Goth girls best friend is the underbust satin corset. This should be item #1 in your wardrobe.''

More stuff next time :) Thanks for reading ;)


  1. So many corsets! It sounds like it is a hazard to find something fitting from ebay. Too bad about the second corset. It looked so cute in the picture but it was obviously too small. I have only two, one that I sew myself with plastic boning and one I bought recently over the internet, both overbust.

    1. Well, not really, when you find your size. No problem with underbust ones. It's just that my waist is long and my chest is not so small. But I hope picking The M size will solve the problem :)

  2. The one with the shoulder straps looks so nice in the picture, what a shame it didn't fit! If you feel it's only that the straps are too short, you could try just cutting them in half and adding a bit of lacing where you made the cut to get more length, it would look really cool.

    1. Thanks. I know. I've already did that, but it's still to short. I'll have to add more length there. But I'm definitely wearing it :)

  3. Dont you love that feeling we just have after puting them on? I feel god-like.
    That first one it's just amazing, it's nice that you got less heavier, but that beauty *.* ( drools ) Luckily you could sell it and buy another one your own number,
    I do agree with Adora on the last one, i love my lacey corsets, but the one i still wear the most, it's the simple satin black one.
    Nice collection